2.10 Teaser (Thank you GamePress!). Plus a question for Ludia

Same. It would be so helpful to see who is not helping and who is helping. I would also like the sanctuary bonus as well. It would give me more of a reason to grind DNA


@Sintrex i agree with you no need to mark dinos. I know what they are, and I know what I’m working on for me team. I have no idea how this could be helpful.


I guess the three new uniqes are indotaurus, phorurex (had a raid boss leaked if i remember correctly) and parasaurthops. Acrocanthosaurus is the next creature of the month so perhaps as a help for the new hybrid


Yes, I believe so too.

Indotaurus? So idnoraptor gen 2 and carnotaurus? Cool

although i doubt that feature was the most voted, this specific could be true, lol.

one could vote quickly without reading details, just amazed by a possible mistake about feature name… being “creature maker”.

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Creature markers seem pretty useless to me. New tournament rules and all the alliance features, or even the sanctuary features would have been much more useful (and appreciated too i guess).

No Offence, but...

tbh, i am in doubt whether it was the top voted feature.


The hybrids seem interesting tho!!!


i rex gen 2 and carnotaurus

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i hope phorurex isn’t a double instant damage creatue. maybe testa gets a slight nerf


I wanted the new tourney rules as well. I have enough to face level 30s in tournaments when my highest creature is only level 24


I don’t think it will use the instant rampage chicken.
I can remember seeing a description on it saying armour, I think its the grypo chicken.
Edit - no creature with rex in its name has armour I don’t think.

Ok so heres a full breakdown of what could be coming based on the GP datamines

(Spoiler from now on)

so the epic hybrids are megalotops and argenteryx
Megalotops’s description says that it’s a sloth (which confirms onyx as it’s component), then tops can come only from existing creatures (rare/common) since they’re adding no real life ones. Then the only options are: arctops, nasutoceratops, triceratops and triceratops gen2

usualy the description of herbivore+carnivore fusions with the herbivore rig mention how the creature is omnivores or aggressive (or both), theres no mentions of that with megatops, and theres no mentions of gorgonopsian fangs either, so it’s likley not arctops

This leaves us with just ceratopsians, and my guess is actualy nasuto, and thats only because there was a unique called “andrewtops” datamined, if they want to use it for championships they’d need an exclusive component, in this case presumably nasuto
(I’d say andrewtops is likley not in this update though)

Argenteryx is obviosly archaeoptreryx, and then extremly likley argentavis, it could be argentinosaurus, but i know i saw the datamined description somwhere, which confirmed it’s argy (but it wasn’t from GP which is why i’m not saying anything for somewhat certain)

The legendarys are
Rhinchicyon, this thing is obviosly rhinchenia and amphy, likley with the oviraptorid rig

Glyptoceras, which is glyptodon and stegoceras, (it’s description mentions the armour glypto has on it’s tail, but i can’t say for certain which rig it has, hopefully armadilo)

The thing that confuses me with these 2 is why are they getting hybrids but struthi (likley) isn’t, this just lets me to belive that either ludia really doesen’t care anymore or (hopefully) they’re changing continentals somehow

There were 4 uniques datamined, but this is my guess on which ones will be added

Indotaurus sadly won the vote, thats about it for what we know, it’s description doesen’t spesficly mention indom g2 as it’s component, however these descriptions in general rarley mention a g2 component as gen2 (look at tenrex for example). So i’d say it’s still likley it’s indom g2

The 2nd is one i’m really scared of and it’s Phorurex. Likley phorosaura and ??, my guess is draco g2. From the datamined moves we can assume this thing has
Daring strike (more on that later)
Instant rampage
Leathal rampage and run (0.33 for 2 turns + shatering)
Critical sidestep (100% crit for 1 attack 2 turns)
AND instant rending stun, which seems to be a priority swap in that has a 75% stun and deals 40% of targets max hp (so swap in stuning savegary)

Now all of this is heavy speculation but this thing seems broken on another lvl if it has remotley good stats
For it’s rig i’d say terror bird, but i’m not 100% sure
The description mentions armor, bony scutes around it’s head, feathers (i feel like this supports phorosaura as a component), but it also mentions phorosaurs? It could be either ludia trying to say phorusrachids (terror birds) or phorosaurs are actualy like a speculative family of terror birds fused with dinosaurs (so i guess phora and velos) either way i think it supports phora being it’s component

The last one i’m the least certain on but i think it’s Parasauthops (not Andrewtops), the reason why is because i’m fairly certain it has a datamined raid (but it’s not confirmed by GP so take this with a grain of salt), that and acro is the september creature of the month
Anyway it’s components are likley para lux and acrocanthops (and it could be the reason why para lux got such a huge buff in 2.9)
The only thing i have left to say is it’s likley a gorgonopsid rig, not really much more to speculate on here

Anyway there were also 3 new sets of moves datamined
Daring (cunning fierce)
Determined (cunning resilient)
Heavy (fierce resilient)
We have the description for daring strike

Daring Strike - Self: Cleanse DoT and Vulnerable. Target lowest HP: reduce damage 50% for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn. Attack 1x bypassing Armor.

We can assume heavy strike is something like
Cleanse vulnerable, distraction, vulnerable for 1 turn 2 attacks, bypassing amror

And determined
Cleanse DoT, distraction, reduce dmg 50% 2 attacks 1 turn, percise?

We have no idea which creatures will have these, but since phoru had a raid datamined along with a group version of DS i’ll assume it has it

Lastly new raids, for some reason ludia is replacing old raids instead of spreading them throughout the week
I don’t know where i read this but i swear i saw that posti is getting a raid in one of the GP articles, i couldn’t find it though, so i’m just gonna say that posti and megalotops are the epics (megatops was confirmed)
For legendarys, we know 1 is rhin doggo and i have no idea what the 2nd one is
For uniques we know 1 is phoru and the other posibly parathops
As for which raids are getting replaced, no idea, maybe ludia is looking at the statistics? The only thing thats intresting here is (extra spoiler) sino was datamined to (posibly) get a hybrid called “sinokotaraptor” knowing how ludia casualy replaced mammoth just before tsinmoth sino is getting replaced


I hope that one of creatures getting change is Stygidaryx. I can imagine Lethal Swoop exchanged for Lethal Rampage and Run. It would help my fav Unique to get better, since now is worst of all.


Creature markers feature seems overrated. I would’ve gone with ‘Alliance mission leaderboard’, as it actually means something to the people.

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we don’t know if andrewtops actually is a s hybrid of megalotops. He could also be one of the two andrew hybrids. Considering Andrewsarcus has got two hybrids he’s probably not getting a unique soon.

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Cant be overrated if no one liked the mechanic in the first place

I hope stigydarix got this new attack, could be awesome for him ! But pterovexus could also be able to get this attack.


Ok, this was the most upvoted? Why’s that (not saying it was a bad choice) but why was THIS one so appealing?

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Creature markers are almost as useless as those pointless emotes. I hate those things.