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2.11 anticipation

Don’t forget something with 45% armour should not be that fast either.


Useful yes, worthy for an event exclusive unique ? No. At that point max was just like a worse version of gemi, a lot of player had decided to dro p Maxi after that. Now that is we called nerfing to the ground.

cough Monomimus, cough cough

Even the fastest deer will be really slow carrying a turtle shell on its back. I think something along the lines of 112 would be about right.


An update thst doesn’t lock out half the player base would be nice.


122 speed nerf is acceptable since it also can increase its speed

Agreed. Monomimus was nerfed to much

They said only 10 nerfs/buffs will happen, but majority will be buffs to I doubt that. Honestly, I think that that its swap prevention resistance should get put down to 25% or 0% so that way it can be bleed or stop it from switching to a swap in. Otherwise it looks fine to me, its a harder to get creature so it should be good. (in theory)

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Lydia did something naughty

Hey everyone, let’s please try and stay on topic :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget that they’ll add a fourth carno hybrid even more op than the ones before because there wasn’t enough of those and that everyone will have wasted their DNA on the previous hybrids.

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maybe it was offensive when the person said ludia havent made enough money yet


No joke, I kinda want this personally (but not over pretty much anything else, to be clear). I’m using the markers to label the dino classes (since Ludia hasn’t done a great job of that themselves), and I need just one more to mark Wildcards :sweat_smile: But it’s still laughable to me to think that this is the big feature they added to the game.

“We made Andrewtops definitively trash by making Parasaurthops OP so you’ll use all your Arctops DNA on it instead.”

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This is the thing that bugs me more than anything else that Ludia consistently does every update (besides the power creep, failure to fix old bugs and adding new ones, etc.) - more of a pet peeve I guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a move next update called “Crafty fierce strike” that has nothing to do with Crafty Strike, doesn’t cleanse Vulnerability (so it’s functionally identical to Defense shattering strike), and for some reason is a swap-in attack. And the icon is for a rending move.


kinda defeats the purpose of Ludia buffing it in the first place

I’m just kicking back right now till next week. I’m keeping my coins up to make what ever new creatures I can and bring them to team level 20 or 21. As a way to making use of my coins because they cap at 9,999,999 I keep burning coins and DNA on some of the these good creatures for some future time I may just jump them up.

In order to be able to be able to play the new creatures within some reasonable time, I’ve chosen to cap my creatures at this level. It does take one to two months some updates to bring all the new good creatures up to be playable and useful. I’ve been able to keep up so far. I’m ahead right now so I find ways to burn coins by way of multi fusion as I did with Thor.
I have enough DNA now to level it to 30 if I so choose.

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How do you have that many coins???