2.11 Creatures in PvP

I have 3 of the new creatures and got to try them out in PvP.

My opinion is they are so-so balanced to sub-par. For the new guys, obviously, it depends on what your opponent has. They can either do decent or get trashed. I’ve been losing more than winning with this team and of course Testa is the anchor tank of this team.


can i ask how good is Parasaurothops in your opinion?

The 2X attack is good for a healer but the heals just don’t keep up with the damage being done as usual.

I’m looking forward to giving it a try in unique raids with the 2X heals and 1X instant team heal. Even better if boosting damage for better heals and a 2X attack that removes cloak, dodge and speed increases. Then also it can remove critical increases so if you have a team member using mutual fury, you can remove the fury off the raid boss before the next turn. This would have to be planned out.

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