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2.11 Exclusive teaser by Gamepress (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy)

maybe its better for it to have group defense shattering impact


Yeah that would just be generally cool

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That ParaLux DNAs won’t be enough

Why not? That should be plenty to unlock it?

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Well that DNA is 16 fuses worth, so it’s not necessarily guaranteed.

More commons yay and @GhastBusters scene you have a picture of lux at 20 for 2.11 this means my creation Chromospinus is in 2.11 also it said it will replace stxy which a lot of people voted for in the poll

Wait chromaspinus is coming to the game?!?!?

Or it could be a different ParaLux hybrid…


Yes Ghastbusters has a lux at 20 for 2.11 and stxy is being replaced which a lot of people voted for in the topic

??? chromaspinus will hardly be part of this update, the stgx replacement should have nothing to do with this guy’s topic, after all, it was either indoraptor or stgx, 50/50


I don’t believe you still my fingers are still crossed :crossed_fingers:

I really wouldn’t count on it. Maybe one day, but definitely not this update.




Unfortunately, neither you or @Sintrex are correct about Chromaspinus arriving in JWA 2.11. The new Para Lux hybrid is going to be Parasauthops. (Para Lux likely isn’t getting another hybrid, so chances of Chromaspinus coming to JWA at all, whether it be next Update or whatever Update, are extremely low)


Ok because i got real excited :joy:

All I want from the update is bug fixes, ovilopho hybrid, and dimo hybrid, my sadness would be unbearable my day ruined if these don’t come, but then again it wouldn’t be, but it would, but I wouldn’t be…

Well, I hope they make ParaLux easier to get. It’s so hard to find and (embarrassingly enough) I haven’t unlocked it.


They really do. I feel lucky that I have mine at level 20 with around 1000 DNA, but that’s still nowhere close to enough to get the hybrid to team level. And there’s lots of people like you that haven’t even or have barely unlocked Parasaurolophus Lux.


I’ve finally been lucky enough to have found 3 ParaLux in broad daylight, but the darting is sooooo hard! Small target + target placed on moving foot = absolute P A I N :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I have literally unlocked it a few weeks ago, and I have no hope in collecting enough DNA to create anything that will be made from her.

My Para Lux is 4 dna short of lvl 20. :rofl:

Think i’ll be waiting to unlock it with the raids.

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