2.11 (New) Bugs Running Total

So yeah this update has introduced a lot of weird bugs however some of the animations added or changed are so weird. No one has thought about dilorancherus’ heal animation so now it’s swipes it’s claws to heal. The Pterovexus on escape evasive strike hasn’t actually been fully animated. It sorta just goes to a static stance and swoops without any of the model moving. It’s like they didn’t test a lot of these changes since they’re not something too difficult to get right.
It’s just very funny really seeing a Dilorancherus roar and do 2.5k damage

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The raid incubs when shown on the screen are way to tiny, not causing anything but i think it is a bug

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Also i love how stgyi just flies away on counter like nope im outta here

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New thing, not related to the update, or maybe it is

The meiolania’s blue circle, indicating it is a rare, is very glitchy and disappears from time to time


Hi hank, if you see this and you work on Jurassic world alive, the troodon blinking animation is messed up, the eyes don’t shut all the way.


I have noticed since the update that there are very few Dino’s on the map compared to pre-update. Also, supply drop dinosaurs are very few and far between and none in our home map range.

The sound effects for the Megalotops raid boss are the same as the Meiolania boss (on the map and during the raid startup) when they should be the same as the Megalonyx boss, and the Scorpius Rex boss has NO sound effects while on the map!


The bugs are spreading, this website isn’t playing ball either, I’ve been trying to search for a topic for a little while, so I press search & nothing just get this

@mods can you ask if they’ll fix it please

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Pterovexus got an unlisted HP buff from 3900 to 4050


Good, it needs it :sweat_smile:

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You should list all bugs and this thread should be get current until they are all fixed.

My 2 bugs are that 1. sometimes you can’t start a new incubator without opening the ones that are done and 2. there is no way that mortem is 75% immune to scorpius3 stun (maybe 10% I would say).

Maybe one day, but I don’t think I have the time to do that.

I’m also not sure if what you said are bugs. The incubator one might be, but I’m pretty sure it’s designed so that you can only have one going at a time. And anything with a chance (e.g. stun resistance) can’t really be proven without looking into the files or getting a much larger sample size. I don’t datamine the game myself, but if there is a significant discrepancy in stun resistance, no dataminers have said anything as far as I’m aware.

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What do you mean you can only have one at a time? I’m not referring to daily incubators, I mean the regular ones where you have 4 on the go.

Yeah you have four slots but I’m probably sure you can only have one “opening” at a time. You can’t open an incubator if you already have another in the process of being opened.

You can absolutely start an incubator without opening the one that just finished … unless the bug happens where you can’t.

Do you mean it let’s you do it for hard cash? Because I’m not seeing anything unusual with how it’s been working for me.

I believe you missed that parathops resilient rampage doesn’t always remove cloak/evasive. I’m not sure what causes it, but has happened multiple times in the tourney.

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No, I mean when that incubator is ready to open but you don’t want to open it because your alliance doesn’t need incubators. So you click on the next incubator to start counting down and nothing happens.

Come on guys, this bug has been around for years.

I haven’t used Parasaurthops much in PvP, but I’m happy to add it to the list!