2.11 raid strats

I wanted to see if anyone was willing to remake some common raid strats reworked to fit mortems new roar.


Now low level players can’t do Apex Raid now so there’s no need for Raid strats with common creatures…


i will as soon as the upnerf drops

For rare, epic, legendary and unique raids, this update doesn’t change anything for the creatures I use to defeat them. I don’t know about the Apex raids. My 4 accounts aren’t high and boosted enough with the right creatures to do those. It may be that only the apex raids will need revised strategy’s.

New strat I made for lux in 2.11

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You can easily leave out Mortem of all apex raids. Where cooldown wont make it useless, attack buff will, as that will mean two turning every raid, cause most apex bosses are fragile.

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I doubt this will work, neither sauropod can break the shield in R1T1, so the minions could survive

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8 turns hadros

Oh dang I forgot about the shield lux puts up

Updated strat

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looks good

this raid would be really fast. Im pretty sure there is a double mortem strat similar to this already though.

i just did hadro with a mortie and a thor and indo2 worked fine so 2 thors with good damage should work ok and maybe one mortie one thor

We need ref strats. There are plenty of non mortem cera, lux, haast, boa and mortem strats. Thor can replace mortem in trebax but not in refrenantum strategys

but remember that 2.11 the roar move is 2 cooldown. you need a thor

yes but until i see it in action i,m not ruling it out :stuck_out_tongue: especially if there is no boost reset…

true that. the cleansing impact from mortem is pretty helpful.

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Double thor, irri, toura. It’s on JWA Raid Strat Finder - Refrenantem

this works

couple of phorurex and a refer (not the best one)