2.11 raid strats

Another strat for 2.11

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saw that but the touro did a cleanse turn 2…cant figure why then turn 3 all over

If tuora has the highest HP, it should use group superiority on turn two (and the first mortem must not have the highest HP of the mortems). If tuora has the lowest HP, it should emergency heal (and mortem HP order doesn’t matter). Then the strat works just fine.

i get it :stuck_out_tongue: big healt means insta death :stuck_out_tongue:

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couple here refrenantum and haast

para raid

For Refrenantem, I added the boss and it’s moves for each turn. I added Refrenantem and the minions stats so you know how much damage you need between the Thors to take them out turn 1 of each round.

Refren seems to target Tuoramoloch every turn even though it doesn’t have the highest damage or even highest boosts on damage. So Tuora dies the first turn of the last round by a minion little attack. If I were to add a boost of hp on Tuora, I think it would survive to the end but really don’t need it.

Depending on Thor crits or if a Thor gets stunned in turn 2 of round 3, you may have to do Instant Charge on turn 3 to finish of Refren as the Irritator will get knocked off in turn 2.

Lightning Thors can mess things up when faster than Tuora as Tuora will not be able to remove the reduce damage before Thor hits. Also if lightning Thors are faster than Irritator, they will not get the increased damage or reduce damage cleanse when needed.

The shown levels are not necessarily needed but Tuora needs to have at least 4680 Hp for that 2X hit round 2, turn 1.

This is what I am using for Haast Maximus.

I leveled up Ankyntrosaurus up to 22 and gave a couple health boosts so it will survive the entire raid. You don’t need to do this. Level 23 would get you enough HP to survive if you want to survive, otherwise you just sit out when your taken out in round 3 which is your job as Anky… to take that big blow for the team.

I added the Boss, stats and moves for planning along with minion stats.
You don’t necessarily need your Thors or Tuora at the levels of boosted as shown.

It was nice to go from and 8 turn strategy to this 6 turn one.