2.11 Roar has Interesting Implication to Future Effect Applications

So I noticed something peculiar about one aspect I don’t think is found in… any other move? (correct me if I’m wrong).

Most similar moves like Ferocious Strike/Impact, or any move that applies a buff do so immediately and augment the damage associated with the move.

2.11 Roar deals the group damage, and THEN applys the 50% damage bonus. The user loses out on the bonus til next turn, but teammates can take advantage as normal.

Could other moves in the future come forth that follow a similar principle? Could this apply to debuffs of certain moves in the future?

Basically what I’m getting at is what if some moves that say, remove Shields or Dodge, do so AFTER damage is dealt?

Could open up new balancing to current moves as well as ideas for new moves to act as less powerful/immediate versions of stronger existing moves
(i.e. (1) A move that removes Dodge, Slows and deals damage but has a high CD. (2) A move that deals damage and Slows, THEN removes Dodge and is a lower/non CD)