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2.13 when?

It’s been about 1 and a half month since 2.12, what do you think when 2.13 will roll out?

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this friday probably :neutral_face:



ok then

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the update or the notes?

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I think notes because notes usually comes on Friday and updates rolls out on Tuesday…

I guess either tomorrow or next Friday we’ll get a teaser on gamepress. My guess would be either January 28th or Friday 4th would be the update


lel… tru
10 char

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Never, until the next millenium…

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Things probably slowed down due to the holidays and end of year stuff. I’m sure it’s coming. Best not to rush things


So then we should have the update in the last January week and patchnotes next week


Each update is worse than the last…so why are we awaiting something that will just be a disappointment.

It’s best to just be happy with what we have currently because inevitably Ludia will make a mistake and make a whole lot worse. Now I know this is pessimistic but it is the truth and what Ludia tends to do.

Now there are some interesting datamines involving boosts which I am intrigued of, but they might just be as pay to win as the current boost system.

And then again, the longer amount of time we give Ludia to make this update the higher quality and more thought out it will be. The team has a lot of potential if we give them more time, as shown in the 2.7 flock update.


I was wondering when you guys think the 2.13 patch notes will release

Good question

It usually releases at this time

Yeah. It’s been about a month in a half since the last update

It’ll release when ludia is ready to. We’ve been spoiled with monthly releases for a while. They used to take about 3 months before. It all depends on how big of a project ludia is trying to do for this one.


Personally, as excited for 2.13 as I am, I’d like some more time to grind out the apex bear before they introduce new creatures.


I feel like they should make the bear a raid as well. It’s not fair to other players who are say q’d and cant leave their house. It;s not their fault they cant leave. They should still have the same chance as everyone else. I also think giving youtube creators big rewards such as cash, coins, and some kind of incubator is unfair to a majority of people

what day will ludia stuff it on then??

That is true. If it is a big update then we may get 3.0 next update or a fierce class rework or something like that

Let’s also remember the whole community update they announced. We don’t know what changes they will do or what new content we get but we seem to have two major things coming next patch. So yeah. It could take some time