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2.2 Dinodex | JWA Toolbox

Please let me know if you discover any error.

Also, Creature Maker and Raid Moveset Planner will use v2.2 data from now on.


Thank you!

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Statistics of the future hybrid between Arc and Acro! Interesting damage …


In the game it shows that Velos is made with DNA from Delta, but here it shows Raptor. Possible error?? :thinking:

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bug, i’ll fix in a moment


Nice dinosaurs btw can you make a app for this

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Fixed, please refresh the page.
(It make take one minute or two to let CDN deliver the corrected page to you.)

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Hybrids and spawns were manually entered so there may be errors. Everything else like stats and moves should be fairly correct.

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Thanks, it has been fixed!

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For now, you can bookmark my website on your device.
On iOS, click the Share button, the click Add to Home Screen. On Android, click the three dots or setting button, select Add to Home Screen.

There’s something wrong with Velosrhacos’s HP, in game it says 2700. I’m troubleshooting it and will fix it soon.

Thanks! (10 chars)

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‘An unexpected error has occurred’ when I tried to compare acrocantops with arctops.

can u add a feature so we can make hybrids with our custom dinos

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works for me…

Sorry for the error. There was a typo in the creature name and I corrected it a few hours ago. The name has changed from acrocantops to acrocanthops, an h was added.

Please go back to the Dinodex page, then click refresh or pull down to refresh, then you should be able to get the updated version.

Is somewhere damage calculator as well? Mean what dmg can cause boss/dinos per each turn?

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