2.2 DNA overhaul wait

As I wait for 2.3 I had one of my epics trapped in a sanctuary for 46 days, but as it ended and 2.3 started I received 5 DNA back in return. One thought that came to mind for me was exactly how much Epic Exclusive DNA I missed during 2.2, and so I calculated how much I would receive for the epic which was 12 for using Food, Play, and Interact; then I calculated the number of days I missed which was 46, but the answer that I got after I put them together was scary. 12 x 46 = 552, I was like “WHAT!?!” And so 552 epic exclusive DNA was lost to that stupid horrendous glitch that plagued lots of players who were active during 2.2, the most frustrating part about it is that 552 is equivalent to two epic incubators, which would cost an expensive load of bucks upon buying those two epic incubator. This catastrophe was close for me to deleting the game as I couldn’t collect my DNA from the sanctuaries. In conclusion, Ludia if you do see this please don’t rush and actually do something that the community wants to come back for, not make it so we abandon it early.

You forgot to calculate the 5 dna received for every 2 days it was in as well. That’s assuming you kept placing it in the sanc over and over had you been able to.

You had only one epic trapped, I had 4!
Wrote to Lydia Support concerning this loss, only standard replies came back, indirectly brushing off my request for compensation. Not cool at all!

I had three epics trapped in three epics locked in Sonorasaurus, Woolly Mammoth, and Kentro

I may have forgotten that but it was based around Sonorasaurus for each 12 epic dna received, it is still alarming because of the 46 days between 2.2 and 2.3.

Oh no doubt. I’m not disagreeing. I’m just saying there even more dna opportunity that was missed.

Yea I know so much could’ve been gained