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2.2 Spawn Guide!

Hey everyone! It looks like all 3 new creatures: Glyptodon, Andrewsarchus, and Troodon are all available in the wild! That’s the only change we found to spawns. Check it out!

EDIT: If you aren’t seeing the new creatures try uninstalling and reinstalling your game. :slight_smile:


There’s an new epic that’s not exclusive? I thought I’d never live to see the day…


Just a heads up, Purussaurus Gen 2 is listed as a rare under Zone 2. It should be a common.

ah thanks for that! I always get those 2 mixed up :rofl:

when u realise that area 1 has the new common so u are going to get a lot of it but then realise that troodon is in area 4 now so ur not going to get it maybe.

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You’ll get it next month when it shifts around. Hopefully I’ll see it - hardly seeing Stygi so not holding my breath for yet another epic not spawning

I am currently in zone1 ,i run a giga scent and i saw plenty of gallimimus but no glyptodon.
Are you sure there is no mistake?
It seem there is nothing in zone 1 at night

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I am in the only zone that doesn’t have a new creature. :disappointed_relieved:

Zones rotates in 10 days,no worries

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when you realise zone 2 also has the best natural rare

Don’t worry, Minmi… I’m in the same zone… But between you and I, we have other great dinos to scent e.g. Secodontosaurus :slight_smile:

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ok,after 3 hours scent now,i am sure there is no glyptodon area 1 anytime.
I will try tomorrow while daytime,maybe it is a mistake

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I haven’t gotten any yet either

Try uninstalling and reinstalling. We had some people looking for Andrew and many didn’t pop up until they did that and they are getting them in their scents now.

Yes,you were right.
I did and now it work.

I know I seem very new saying this but how do you know what zone you’re in?

A second heads up and very much related: Purussaurus is listed as a common Park Spawn. it is a Rare spawn for parks as I like checking for them.

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Screenshot_20201020-163932_JW Alive

Not my favorite part this far

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Well that’s mostly because of the pursuit :rofl:

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Usually it’s easiest to pop a Giga scent and see what creatures you see. Then compare them to each local list (on the website linked above) and you’ll know where you are :slightly_smiling_face:

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