2.2 Tier List!

Well y’all can’t make fun of us anymore since we finally got the Tier List out before another update! This was a tough one y’all. Check it out!!


Thank you @Piere87

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And watch patch notes drop Friday


Poor Glyptodon. No common friends with him

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poor irritator, no rare friends with him. i dont even see any of the turtles on there

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They are in Low alpha. Make sure you update the page, because there was a bit of a goof at first release that was fixed

lonley, but hes on the top of the common throne at least

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He is the only common that can kill multiple uniques if I am correct

At least he’s good in raids. I bet if they did a raid tier list he would be elite at the lowest.

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Thank you.

It would be high tyrant in raids. No other dino has the level of ferocious support it does.


Oh, no lower than high elite easy

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Oh, Irritator is at least high elite. Especially with the immunity and bulk

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Allosinosaurus high elite, Thor mid :grinning:

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Too late Ludia, it’s OUT!!! :slight_smile: (Ok, still having fun here…)


Awesome work Gamepress! Can’t wait to hyper analyze this thing tonight :laughing:

High alpha now! Wohoooo!


I could see low elite

Im surprised Grypo isn’t Tyrant. It has a ton of really favorable matchups and even when it doesn’t outright dominate, it can dish out some good damage. Rend resistance hurts it a bit, but with ferocious defense, it’s got that huge heal and it’s strikes still sting.

Wooly Rhino is the only other I’d suggest being bumped up. Mid elite would make sense, in the elite tournaments it was absolutely essential in order to have a chance at winning. No other dino can swap in on a sub 108 speed dino and get off 3750 damage 66% of the time without taking damage outside of that. It struggles vs shields and armor, but between its high attack and solid bulk, I’d say it’s a top 5 overall epic, maybe top 3 (sarco and thyla being the 2 best)

Everything else seems really well done, great job as always Gamepress team. poor entelania needs a rework…


I’ve tried using grypo after the update, but It isn’t really as good as one might expect with the new move. Almost all creatures need boosts to be competitive at a certain point in arena, but grypo needs more boosts than some other dinos to work well due to its relatively low stats. I think If the move was priority and actually lasted as many turns as It says in the description It would be tyrant material.