2.2 Tier List!

idk. grypo is pretty solid. surprisingly, i’ve been able to take out a few orions with her.

Wow, sometimes my barely boosted Orion takes them out as long as i wait for ferocious defense before using null rampage. But It really isn’t a good matchup for Orion


I think Grypo is fine where they put it. But I definitely agree that Woolly Rhino needs to be bumped up a bit, as could Thor. And this really illustrates how much Entelolania needs help (and how strong Rixis is).


Orion is hindered by it’s damage output being tied to long cooldowns. Both are stallers, but Grypolith can break shields, heal, stun, etc. So it can out-stall Orion in a 1v1.

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i think it was players no knowing how to counter grypo with orion. especially when i bring it our fresh against their fresh orion. It’s a close match, but getting immobilize off at key points can help.


Nice to see my titanoboa being on the top end of the epics. :snake:

Woolly rhino off the field is a dangerous adversary, but on the field, it flounders a bit. It’s easy top 3 in the tier, but it just struggles on the field compared to something like monostego

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I completely agree, but I still think it should be 1 tier higher, even with that weakness. It should at least be as good as Brontolasmus.

It became hard to say, you go here and you go there. There were a lot of grey areas, and woolly rhino was in there where it could fall in either. We just decided Low

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That makes sense. I just remember it being a really common epic on a lot of top teams for it’s swap-in ability, and resilient impact isn’t necessarily bad. I wish my Monolorhino could slow after it swapped in, but that would probably make it too strong. But ultimately one part-tier doesn’t make a huge difference.

I would like to know why alisino is Better Then Thor

One word amour Allosino has amour which instantly makes it better …

So, if Thor has Armor, would it be better?

I’m surprised that indom is lower than allosino. I feel like the only thing that can stop an indom is distraction(he has 50% resistance though), dodge(on revenge dodge doesn’t even matter) and resilient moves(Indom eats resilients) but even then it can easily counter play. While allosino can be distracted and doesn’t have a good way of preventing damage like indom. May I know why he’s lower than allosino?

it’s probably a couple of factors.
Resilients are basically everywhere. and Allosino isn’t limited to a strike to break shields. Yes indom can boost its damage to be better, but that’s a turn of doing no damage compared to allosino who will pump out 2 attacks before indom does 1.

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True, I find indom to work better against cunning creatures, because even when double distracted, cloak makes them eat a rampage. And as said for dodge, indom usually does more than enough damage to kill even if the opponent dodges

I would say Grypolyth is at the very Top Of High Elite if they were to rank them

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Yes, with smilonemyes and maxima

Indom has really poor matchups with the tyrants and HEs. It beats at most 3 if I’m correct. Allosino can do 4500 in 2, has armor and 4500, and can break shields

happy smilonemys didn’t drop down the ranks :smile: