2.2 Tier List!

Thor is slower, relies on crits to do more damage, and can be killed in 2 by a bunch of creatures. 4500 is a dangerous hp tier without armor

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You Legends.

Tryko and a few others revenge kill wooly rhino really easily, but 1500 damage on a swap is massive especially considering it goes through armor and stuns more often than not. The resilient impact that follows I think is the icing on the cake.

There’s a reason that it’s used by a number of teams in the top 50.

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This list makes sense. However:

  • Rhino I feel could go up a tier, even if it’s kinda terrible in battle.
  • Monolometrodon I also think could go up a tier. It’s pretty much an easier to get Magna. Yes, it doesn’t have as much speed, but it does get a sizable amount of HP (4200) and, in some cases, even better resistances.
  • Monolorhino was honestly a bit of a surprise to me. I’d probably put it in High Elite, but I feel like its resistances just barely edge it into Tyrant. And SIS, obviously.
  • Bajatonodon. Poor thing. I really think it should get the SV + Devastation thing it used to have.
  • Andrewsarchus I think could be in the same tier as MarLo. Yes, they have different moves (kinda), but they serve similar purposes, and Andrew I feel does the job slightly better, thanks to No Escape.
  • I’m honestly surprised that Edaphocevia isn’t higher. Three rampages (2 1/2 in most cases), PFS and a heck ton of resistances with a reasonably good amount of health I feel should bump it up at least into Mid Elite, maybe even High Elite.
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why is magna higher than monolo? don’t most people think magna as a worse monolo

Agreed. Especially since Monolometrodon has more health and resists at the cost of…what, 2, maybe 3 speed?

Because of the horrible turn 3 option Metrodon has. Only a strike. So Magna can dish out more damage.


Ok, but that’s when boosts are thrown into the mix

Mags only loses out in hp, but it has better options across the board, especially turn 3 when it can impact. Monolo flounders turn 3

That’s fair, Monolo does have a terrible turn 3 compared to Mags, however it’s certainly better than most.

Rhino is good, but flounders a bit on the field

Monolorhino has the best swap-in move and 1300, can’t be killed in 2, and has really good matchups on the field (ceramagnus being its most important)

Edaphocevia can be slowed, which is a big problem for a creature like it

Andrewsarchus is worse than marsupial Lion for a few reasons. The first is that it has terrible hp, which comes into play with many creatures like mammolania and tryko. Second is that it cannot 100% many creatures as it relies on a crit for the big tanks like gemini and maxima. Sure it has a 64% chance, but marsupial Lion is 100%. The counter also comes in handy with evasive strike, which andrew can struggle with. Prowl is also really good with the counter and allows marsupial lion to just spam chip damage which andrew cannot do

Ah. Fair enough. That does make sense.

I disagree. Resilient Impact is a fantastic move, and gives Rhino priority on the next turn. Meanwhile Monolorhino doesn’t even have access to it’s Impact until turn 2, and it has 200 less attack than Woolly Rhino. And both have the same swap in attack. So Woolly Rhinos post-swap options are WAAAAY better than Monolorhino. So Woolly Rhino should be at least one tier higher than it is. I see lots of Woolly Rhinos in the top 50, but I don’t see anyone running Brontolasmus.

But Rhino can be pinned. The immunities on MRhino make it better.

I know. I’m not saying that Woolly Rhino should be ranked higher than Monolorhino or even the same, since those resistances and immunities count for a lot. But I think saying that “it flounders in the arena” when it’s offensive options exceed Monolorhinos is selling it short.

Lots also forget that rhino has shields for stalling as well as its damage options, the resistances also help a lot

Rhino has a shield too, just not an instant one

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At 108 speed, that hits rly hard, and doesn’t then doesn’t have priority, rhino being considerably less bulky also hurts it quite a lot, and as well as only having DpT and Vul res, the latter of which is pretty much useless

I never said it flounders in the arena. On the field, it does. It has a terrible speed tier, can be pinned, and at most gets an impact off. It’s a darn good LE, but not ME

As long as it can survive one hit, it’ll do more damage though. And if the opponent can be slowed, it’ll get another attack off after the Impact if it doesn’t get Dracoceratopsed. I’m not even arguing it should be tyrant or even high elite, just mid elite instead of low elite :joy:. Looking at other mid elites, it should be at the same level as them.