2.2 Tier List!

Plus, after every epic tournament, people talk about Rhino and Diplodocus being op, not Rhino and Titanoboa. It definitely edges out the low elite tier.

Ok, and the 1.14 legendary tournaments were moth and indo gen 2, but Indo gen 2 didn’t belong in high tyrant and moth did

Considering how hard it can get ratted, I see that being a deterrent against mid, it also doesn’t have rly high output as, 5250 isn’t a ton for turn 3, especially considering most relevant creatures have higher, it’s also so what bulky, but stupid slow, that works for diplod given its 6k HP or something like acro/indom with high attack/fierce aspects, but not rhino.

If getting ratted is a deterrent, then nothing without rend resistance should be in mid elite. And it has plenty of damage output, more than Monolorhino on turn 1 where it counts the most. And the resilient impact slowing is incredibly useful in attacking again before your opponent can. The resistances of Monolorhino help to edge it out as a stronger dino, but I don’t think it’s three tiers better. Woolly Rhino definitely isn’t a top tier, but Mid Elite isn’t top tier. I think it deserves a spot among them.

Other way around.

Woolly Rhino can get 2 shot by a bunch of things, which is a big deal when you’re pinned for 2 turns

I mean, so can Monolorhino, although it does have a bit more armor. And your only options on turn 1 are 1x damage moves. But it ranks higher from the resistances, which I don’t disagree with. Woolly Rhino isn’t that much worse than Monolorhino though, so it should be just a bit higher than it is.

Voted? They just voted? Then I do not deem it official. I never agree with these lists anyhow. Why do we bother putting it on a pedestal? We could have several different lists if we all voted and if they all voted on other social media platforms.

Some are way too high on the list while others are far too low.

Some are just there. My biggest issue with lists like these are you can tell some didn’t even get real consideration. They just threw them in as filler.

Don’t hate me for being genuine. This list is not anywhere near accurate. Dracoceratops for example is a joke compared to what it once was. It shouldn’t be listed as it is here at all.

Like what? If you tell me, I could explain why they were placed there

I updated my post to give at least one example.

By the way I’m not trying to bash these people. I’m simply saying it’s unofficial and we should remember that. I just can’t say I’ve ever looked at a listing and taken it seriously on a level of legitimacy as far as being accurate at a 100% rate.

Dracocera is up here as it’s usually used to kill off the big tanks when they’re still alive and kicking. It then does a cleansing impact and then can run to come in again, or it can stay in and deal lots of damage

I was actually the one that brought up Dracoceratops for high elite. Here was my argument to the group:

I would like to officially veto Dracoceratops from Mid Elite to High Elite. The swap in move combined with the HP, the versatile moveset, and the good attack make it a great team player and the ability to often come in more than once. 4200 HP means that nothing in the game is going to be able to come in and one shot it without a crit. The cleansing move allows it to clear the swap in bind and get back out and it has a swap prevention immunity so you can’t pin it down. It also has 2 Fierce attacks allowing it to hit through shields and armor. Even against cunning creatures, it can use cleansing impact to clear any distraction and get back out to come in again. Its speed is also higher than the chompers so it can also come in without a swap in and revenge kill with a Fierce Impact if it needs to.

Or a cleansing impact to run next turn

Yeah, but it’s so weak compared to the days of Swap-In Shattering Rampage. And those days are never coming back so it’s effectively never ever going to be valuable like that ever again. If you know what you’re doing you shouldn’t be losing to it. It puts your opponent at a disadvantage as they lose a definitive spot. It’s an easy kill, guaranteed most of the time. I love getting them across from me. I kill them… almost, instantly. It’s incredible. With the help of some very fine creatures. Wonderful creatures. And the Health pools are so great. Record numbers, the likes of which have never been seen before or… anywhere in the world. They help fend off these would-be mass killers.

You have to remember that this list is unboosted. You say you kill them easily but that’s in the arena. In an unboosted setting, it isn’t so easy to take down without a crit.

We know these lists aren’t the end all be all and we appreciate different opinions on it, but we do them because people enjoy it and like to have an idea of what could be good team material.


I understand, but I just never have trouble with it. It can easily fall to my Indominus Rex, my Indoraptor Gen 2, my Indoraptor, my Trykosaurus, my Thoradolosaur sometimes and Stygidaryx is still an incredible counter-counter. The biggest downfall of using it is once you show it, they know you have it. It’s only deadly the first pop out. Once the surprise is ruined I can prepare even better for it and I know I’ve won. It’s a beautiful thing to have killed off two of their dinosaurs knowing they only have one left and Dracoceratops and if they swap it in it’s as good as surrendering because it will not survive. And if they face off with the current it’ll die.

I put my opponents in that position a lot. I can not recall the last time it was an issue. Unless we go back to Swap-In Shattering Rampage.

But that’s just it. I don’t really think it’s fair to do that just as I do not think it’s fair that many have tried to tell me it’s fair to base what is better than what based on one versus one analysis. That is extremely just inaccurate because the norm is to fight in four on four competition.

So I would heavily argue because boosts are so essential they should count. I just don’t agree with base premises. A creature is as good as its potential dictates.
And that includes boosts. This is why I don’t care if Creature X can beat Creature Q 76 percent of the time head to head because if Creature X is not better than Creature Q in team battle in most scenarios then Creature Q is better. From a standpoint of realism.

Lol we do waaaaay more then just vote. If you actually read the article you’ll see the process and the often weeks of discussion that take place. Also, it’s the official GamePress Tier List. It’s official in that it’s ours. Anyone can make their own tier list of they would like and people often do.

We also usually do a community voted tier list. Wet didn’t this time because we were trying to get our official one out before the next update. But we will do another community list next time. And the community doesn’t always 100% agree with us and we are okay with that as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Also if you read the article you would see we are working on ways to incorporate boosts into the list since that better reflects the arena. Just trying to find the best way to do that.


I just can’t. Like a vote is a vote no matter how long of a process. It’s just like finding out that a board of people chooses who wins an award. Like who made these select people the genuises of choosing the best movie? Or the best song? In situations like that I actually think popular opinion matters, but I guess the reason why I said it the way I did it because if you go on YouTube you’ll see several Top Ten Games list for all time or 2020. But none are looked at as official. There are even multiple Game of the Year candidates.

I just have something against a normalizing of this or anything as official in this context only because it pushes the “Dead End Initiative” being the way of the current meta, which is rotational instead of fixed which would be far superior.

I don’t dislike you. I am not against you. It’s bigger than you or any one person. It’s about what things like this can do to people mentally and push an unintended narrative of incorrect superiority.

You realize things change after they are voted on. It’s explained in the article lol