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2.2 Troodon Rework

Here’s my rework of the troodon shown in the 2.2 release notes!

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The decel immunity would help, but troodon is fine as is

What if venom inject also distracted as well? That way it would be different from Lethal Wound.

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Sounds like a cunning move more with that

Deceleration immunity is on the official creature

I would like troodon to have bleed because the main thing in jp the game was troodon people poisons

No. It has a DISTRACTION immunity. I would say decel immunity would benefit it much more, but distraction ain’t that bad

Well I suggested Distraction due to Venom Inject currently just being lethal Wound, but maybe it could be swap prevent instead, as unless your immune to venom, most usually stop your movement.