2.3 Spawn Guide

We have the Spawn Guide updated! No changes to zones, but big updates to the new creatures and where you can find them. Check it out!


thanks piere.
So antarctopelta is exclusive…
We now have 9 epic exclusives…out of 39 epics…
1/4 epics are now exclusives.I don’t like the direction this game is going
And all the new creature are short range…disapointing when you consider the pandemic situation.


So when they said “some of the new creatures will be short range only”, they meant all of them.


Why is Parasaurolophus Lux a short range NIGHT spawn? I get that they want it to be hard to find, and it fits thematically. But are they expecting people to go out at night and walk around hunting for this thing?


Great, because so many of us are inclined to go outside right now. Thanks Ludia.


I am not surprise about this,“Lux” are made to glow in the dark.So,it will probably be interesting to see them at night :slight_smile:
But yeah,on short range,i feel lots of people won’t try to catch it.


I definitely agree that it makes a lot of sense as a night spawn, but that combined with the short range will make it very unpleasant to hunt this thing. I’m lucky to live in a safe neighborhood, but not everyone lives in a place where it’s safe to go out at night. How are they supposed to find this thing if you can’t use scents?

Great I open up my game for it to be dawn -_- literally one of the only things I was excited about was to go find Para Lux and now I’m going to have to wait basically 12 hours. Not cool at all.

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that was fast

I patiently wait for you to beat Hadros with ParaLux.

A. A pandemic
B. Winter


@Piere87 I do not see acro on the spawn guide.

I think I forgot to put that in since they added it in the weird mid-patch update lol. I’ll get it in there. Thanks!


An issue has caused this post to not appear:

From Infinirex_Sterben:

Totally agreed with that point. Once in a while it seems like Ludia devs/management don’t have any common sense or basic human reasoning whatsoever. (Ludia: And don’t you dare flag this post when I’m telling it how it is just cause you don’t like it!)

Apology for the inconvenience this bug has caused!

Thanks for that explanation.

Piere,do you know what is the % of chance to find a legendary?
If i remind:commons are 90%
rare 10%
Epics 1,5%
So how much for a legendary?

I’m not sure if you can read my mind or if I said that to a group of a few people, but I guess it was kind of obvious the day it was announced I would do that lol.

That’s a good @OrigamiRobot question lol

I’ve heard it is 0.4%

Pretty sure I just read your mind. I’m not in your discord or any private groups.

Honestly, I just expect you to beat Hadros with every new creature nowadays.

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