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2 30s and a 29


Awesome victory! Once I managed to beat a team of 24s and 25s, and my team has only 21s or less… Man, that level disparity is just wrong…

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Thanks!! Wow, nice job yourself! Hard to win over such a level disparity.

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Mostly thanks to Gorgosuchus’ DSR


Nice one @wrothgar. And u too @Arnold. I won on a team of lvl25-27 yesterday . My indo got super lucky 5 dodges and 2 crits


Very nice!! That feels good :slight_smile:


Yup when it happens to me I don’t like it and rarely it happens to someone else making me happy

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Good to see your still around Wrothgar I know the bugs and Ludia’s general disposition suck but the game at its core is fun! :grin:

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Awesome job Wrothgar… glad ur still around too :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Beast and @Stormi_Wolffe ! It’s a great communtuy to be a part of :slight_smile: Im glad you all are here too!


Great game!! It looks very much like how I would’ve played that match too :slight_smile:

It reminds me of the few times I managed to beat teams with average level 24/25 when my team average was just 21.

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This was ur oppenent

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Why no IC on turn 2 with Allosino?


His indo was on evasive turn 3 so if it didnt crit and kill allo, allo would hit kill or miss and use ic when indo wasnt evasive


@TheOneSpark thank you!!! I recognize I won a fair amount of rng too.

Great job to you as well!! Thats hard to do!




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Nice one!

It’s easy to guess who he is lol

Only one guy has a lvl29 Allosinosaurus

I battled with him yesterday too and I won :slight_smile:

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Nice!! Well done.


Yes every dino has got their strengths and weaknesses, its plausible to beat 4+ levels if you are playing right and get some crits!

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