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2.4 hybrid list

dear ludia,
As you work out he next update consider these dinos that are in need of a hybrid/super hybrid


its not fair to put gorgonops and megisto and amphi on that list because they just came out

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Noooo, no more hybrids please! The more hybrids or other content are/is added, the more buggy the game becomes. Please fix the existing problems first before adding new ones

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hybrids are inevitable


Scuto will never get a hybrid

so you would like the game to stay the way it is rn and not have anything added in?


Haast G2 already has a hybrid.

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top 5 for most needed
based on when they released

  1. Ankylocodon
  2. Alankyosaurus
  3. Dimodactylus
  4. Proceratomimus
  5. Dsungia

top 5 most wanted
my opinnion

  1. Erlikogamma
  2. Alloraptor
  3. Proceratomimus
  4. Brontolasmus
  5. Andrewsarchus

by the way, haast g2 now has hybrid


Alloraptor priority 1 for me

All depends on what they combine it with though.

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Scuto is planned to have a hybrid it was leaked a few months back so it’s in the code .

Did it say with what?

No but it looks like it will be with a rare .I’ll try and find the post

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That was fake. Sorry.

For me just scutosaurus hybrid it ok
Cause scutosaurus is non hybrid from 1.14 that still not has hybrid

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What was fake ? If you are on about the scuto potential hybrid prove it was fake …

That leak was fake af…

No proof of it being fake at all

Rather no proof of it being legit

To be honest we will just have to wait and see :grin:

And regardless scuto is a great dino anyhow’s without a hybrid.

Not if it means i won’t be able to play the game anymore. New content is nice, but only if the game runs smoothly. I don’t know about you, but for me it does not run smoothly by a long shot at the moment.
If they keep this up and continue to add new content without a solid foundation that can carry that content, i promise you that they will end up breaking this game and then no one will be able to play. Do you prefer that?