2.4 patchnotes (fanmade)

so, i have idea for 2.4

Compsognahus Rarity: commen

this creature always hangs around scavemged meat! It can easily dodge enemies attacks (represented my evasive strike and sidestep). It will also be hard to dart as it is extremely fast and can even outrun a velociraptor.

rhamphorhynchus rarity: rare. This creature usually hangs around the swamp eating all sorts of insects, or hang on a dinosaur to eat the insects and even clean the teeth of dinosaurus. Moves: evasive strike, minor swoop, defense shattering strike. speed:131 Health: (at lvl 6) is 1234. Attack: 389

nanotyrannus: rarity: epic health(at lvl 11 is ) 1789. Speed: 129. This creature is sometimes called by people a juvenile rex, but it is more dangerous than that, it can kill baby rexes and with its long legs, can easily dodge the attacks of a full grown rex. moves: sidestep, ferocous strike, defense shattering rampage, attack, 459.

Nanorynchus: rarity: legendary. ingredients: Nanotyrannus, rhamporhynchus. Speed: 124 health: 3023

attack: 834

this creature can attack flies as well as eat meat, its speed usually saves it from its predators and they usually hunt in packs to overwelm there prey.

rest ill have to think about…

Nanotyrannus: rarity: unique health: (at lvl 21 is) 4897 Attack: 1324 (at lvl 21) speed: 123

ingredients: Nanorhynchus, tyrannosaurus rex G2

This is the most dangerous carnivores hybird of all. It woud rather hunt than eat flies or scavenge but has also been observed eating berries. But only the babie are omnivores and as they grow, they usually eat meat.

Abilities: Evasive Strike, Ferocoius impact, Minor swoop, Defense shattering rampage, prescise peircing counter.

Omni Boa, health: 6700, attack: 2300 speed: 112 minions, titanoboa, ornthomimus

This is the largest flying snake of all, it can spit venom from 678 feet away! It frill kind of a thing which dilophosaurus has is to intimidate enemies.

abilities: Cleansing shattering strike, decelerating rampage, dfefense shattering rampage, devastation, venomous counter.