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2.4 Spawn Mechanics

  • Oviraptor - Rare
    Anytime Global (Short-Range Only)

  • Dakotaraptor - Epic
    Dawn/Dusk/Night Local 2

Our website is also now updated with Spawn Images for 2.4 :slight_smile:


Why!!! Why must it be short range :(((((((


ovi being short range kinda ruined my day tbh. i was all set to spam giga scents. :pensive:


Of course it’s zone 2


I guess I am actually going to have to go on a walk to find these creatures this time :tired_face:

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It’s gonna be -10C (14F) and feel like -19C (-2F) here this week. I’m not walking around with my phone in my hand. Guess I’ll be FIPing…


You do realize that short range dinosaurs can sparn with sente. Not para lux

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No they can’t

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no. they cant. no short range dinos can spawn with a scent.

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Or at least it happened to me lol

it probably just happened to spawn when your scent went off. if it didn’t have the little scent ring around the dino, it wasn’t attracted via scent. if it did happen, that’s an anomaly and you got lucky with ludia messing something up.

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You know what les not fight about this

there is no fighting about it. You can’t get them from scents.


If something spawns from scents you easily know because it has the animation around it. Short-Range are still going to spawn during scents, just coincidental.

As for the new spawns, why do we have night time only spawns? I’m rarely playing at night, most of the night i’m sleeping, and i’m not out walking around. It’s stupid.


Short range night times are the real stupid ones, i’ mostly fine with local night time, the real problem here with dakota is for ppl like me in local 3 cause i won’t have any decent night time acces to local 2 for 2 months at least

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I think I will boost the new rares speed from 129 to 131 so it can out run Raptors. I don’t plan on using it in the area. Olny strack events

What other dinosaurs appear in area 2?

if you click the link you can see all of the L2 and other spawns. Most prevalent is Euoplocephalus for the common. You’ll also see Raja and Mammoth for epics.

It’s bad enough that Dakota is night only, but also only in Local 2?? Far bigger than Ludia’s mistake of simply night only on Para Lux…