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2.6 patchnotes tomorrow?

So do you think we will get the patchnotes tomorrow or that we have to wait another week?

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We’ll have to wait and see

Yep but as with other updates it’s probably gonna be tomorrow and the update releases next week as updates usually drop at the ned of the month

Honestly, I want the team to take as long as they want/need with the update, the longer they work on it, the better the outcome!


I feel like they may release it next week or the following, just my guess
Don’t really know since there hasn’t been confirmation on anything yet

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I actually wouldn’t be surprised if we did get something. Everyone was saying that 2.5 was a smaller update, and it’s been months since the last real balance update. That said, I also wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get anything tomorrow.

I expect a nerf of wooly rhino and sarco,either,don’t bother taking it out

How do we know there is a update soon any teasers or somethin

That is true, we oftentimes get a teaser of sorts before the update comes out.

But that wouldn’t be the end of the month. Going on what you say then next Friday notes makes more sense.

They didn’t put teasers in the last updates. The only recent updates that had teasers were the permian and boss update since they were major

Yes but 2.4 patchnotes were released around this time

The last few updates were relatively small though, presumably this one would be bigger. Doesn’t guarantee that it needs to have a teaser first though.

Got a feeling this summer will be aquatic


Bc summer swimming?

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Maybe. But i don’t think we get aquatics soon. It would be a surprise if they would drop

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Can I ask… did you pick 2.4 because they happened to be around this time? i.e. they happened to “fit” your theory?

I would imagine that the update, if it is going to be a bigger one that it would likely come around the end of the current season.

Basically yes. But i don’t suspect 2.6 to be major. However since we’ve got a big update after the blood update wich was like 2.4 a small update i am not sure

I think the notes will be the last Friday tournament in this championship with the update being the Tuesday after the championship ends before the next one starts.

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they usually drop in time for a skill tourney, (if they have balance changes, which 2.5 didn’t)

I’d like to think we have til next or week after next week.