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2.6 sooner than we think?

In a recent datamine a couple of new badges were leaked. They all looked amazing but one stuck out to me. It was a coin badge, the really interesting part was that it was St. Patrick’s Day themed and as we all know the current active event is, well, the St Patrick’s Day Event. This leads me to believe that 2.6 might be coming sooner rather than later. Again I am not saying that the next update WILL be out this week. I just think that there might be a chance 2.6 will get released this week or possibly next week. I mean the fact that a St Patrick’s Day themed badge that is not yet in the game was leaked during a St Patrick’s Day event at a time where the next update is on the horizon can’t be a coincidence… Right?


Ok but what about what day will update 2.6 will come out

Usually, Patch notes come on Friday and the update comes out around Monday or Tuesday

Or they are going to give us the badge in tower incubator at some point this week?

I’m curious to see the Datamine. The last one I see on Gamepress was 6 weeks ago.

Just sent it

There was another Datamine?