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2.7 Spawn Guide!

Hey Y’all! We have the Spawn Guide updated with all of the new creatures. There were some minor changes to some park creatures as well but otherwise, all of the zones stayed the same :slight_smile:


Wow thank you for this guide already!


Thank you! I knew that Bumpy would be a exclusive.


lovely. i’m in neither of the two locals for compy.


Oh great,a park exclusive…
Which mean 2 events exclusives for me this update…

Me too… ;-;

Yea me as well. I am area 2

What area is india

Well it depends on what spawns. That determines the area your in.

Depends, zones very from region to region. A single city might have all 4.

I can’t wait to see the sanctuary animations for the compies!

Yea. I hope it’s something like the lost world. That would be :fire::fire::fire::fire:

What local does T rex and erliko gen 2 spawn in

Check out the article it’s all explained in there :slight_smile:

Trex is a wild anytime and erliko 2 is also

Why is Bumpy exclusive?!?!?!

There Global spawns

Ok, thank you

I mean makes sense consider nasuto and allo gen2, blue, etc.

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Try getting the JWA field guide app. Super helpful