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2.7 update hybrid list

Here’s a list of dinos that are in need of a hybrid/super hybrid


Would like to see a erlikogamma hybrid


32 hybrids are a fair number who still need them, especially the ones that have been here for a bit, like troodon, grylenken, erlikogamma, inostherium, dsungaia, dinodactylus, entelchops, scutosaurus, alankylosaurus, alloraptor, megalogaia, proceratomimus, phorusaura and porcus

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I wanna see alloraptor, brontolasmus, entelochops, keratoporcus, pho and scuto hybrid, definitely don’t want a sloth superhybrid anytime near

Acrocanthops does not need a hybrid. It has better base attack than Thor as is

No No No.continental creatures should be forbidden to have would be just unfair


Why? I don’t see why its unfair, and its inevitable anyways, every non hybrid eventually gets a hybrid, and so do hybrids. Besides, they’re bound to pop up in sancs, incubators, weekly incs, special events, etc.


Let me explain.the fact that a player from Asia for example can get rinchenia hybrid faster than player from Europe is to me unfair.with exclusives not spawning in the wild people are supposed to get them in similar time if they grind hard enough.
Although continental spawns could be considered tournament exclusives as well…i was thinking if continental hybrids could somehow unbalance the arena

but isn’t grind kinda part of the game already? I don’t neccessarily see it as unfair, since if all 3 get hybrids, all the people in their dinosaurs global spawn will be one step ahead others. Not sure if that makes sense, but people in north/south america will be ahead of people in europe and africa asia oceania and those in europe will be ahead of North/south america and africa asia oceania and those guys will be ahead of europe and N/S america. And eventually everyone, if they work hard enough for it, can unlock all the creatures in game. They are bound to eventually be in weekly events, weekly incubators, incubator strikes, and possibly even tourney and seasonal rewards. Again, I don’t see it as unfair, ur bound to get em, and enough of their dna for hybrids

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You forgot Struthiomimus (or it got a hybrid and I didnt notice)

what do you mean? there are only 3 continentals, stegoceras N/S america, struth europe, orange ovi africa asia oceania

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is that an all immunity symbol I see?

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Immunity? That move that was removed because players think its too op?

I mean, it was replaced with the several immunities we know of now, and they just removed full immunity to everything, its just been so long since I’ve seen the symbol


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Ditto and then hybrids

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one of the hybrids I want is a unique raptor. A unique with the raptor animation. I want alloraptor to get a hybrid.

Distracting strike is not a base move. The alternitive would be cunning srike or distraction

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Ermoceros unique hybrid for the win