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2.8 Spawn Guide

There are only 3 new non-hybrid creatures this patch and we have the spawn guide for them!



Hooray, more exclusives! - no one ever


Dang, alberto is an exclusive, that sucks

But thank you for the update on this! always appreciated!

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Thanks for the super fast update! It’s always helpful! :+1:

But dang… Yet another exclusive bird. Makes a bird lover like me sad.

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Oh yay more exclusives

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Can you really call it a spawn guide if the creatures don’t even spawn :thinking:


As usual, thanks for the quick guide! I agree with the others though… They will have to start saying: “Go hunt some dinos, oooops, sorry, most are now exclusive…”

For me, albertosaurus being an exclusive is a good thing. That thing is really strong.

I hope the park one isn’t bugged. I havent seen it yet.