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2.8 Tading Market and reduced Incubators?

Jurassic World Alive should get a trading market. My Idea is, that when u open up JWA theres a new Icon at the top showing two hands. When clicking on it you will be send to the TRADING MARKET Menu. You can trade dinosaurs, resources and even Incubators with friends there. The other Player should determine the Price for his Items.

And please reduce the Price for Incubators so that “normal” players can reach them too.

Trading Legendary and Unique DNA requires Player - level 12


that’s a good idea but i feel like you would get good creature too quickly, i honestly dont wanna get a full lvl30 team in 1 month

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While I don’t think you should be able to trade actual creatures, trading dna (epic and bellow probably), 3 hour-15 min incubators could be cool but probably wouldn’t make it in

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Ok, thanks . You’re right . My Bad :sweat_smile: