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2.8 Tier List

Hey y’all! We are so excited to be done with the 2.8 Tier List. Check it out! :slight_smile:

Adding the part 2 article with further explanations. Huge shout out again to all that participated and @ElEduardo for helping with the articles!


A good time to read, thanks for this article🙂

Just in time for the 2.9 revolution. Just kidding, great work as always! :sunglasses:


So to everyone who says that the game has diversity……I point to this. So let’s hope 2.9 actually changes things


Although, I know they took time, haast maximus has no counterattack, he only has that counterattack when he is the boss

No boss


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Also can someone explain why Scorpius Rex is that high. I never see it in tournaments or arena. Plus by the articles own admission it has the worst of the quills moves. So just want to know why it’s in high elite, is it really that good?

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The Tier List doesn’t say it does have counter-attack, it says it has no escape.

Um it says boa has a priority dodge when it doesn’t.

Slippery alert is non-priority; just like to point that out @Piere87

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It’s probably at the bottom, but with camo, constant distraction while having dodge active for the quills, and then impact to reduce damage to 0, scorpius is just a better poukendactylus almost

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I suspect @ElEduardo just asking cause I tried it out in the legendary epic tournament a while back and I dropped it like day 1 it’s just wasn’t preforming as well as it’s kin gen3 in the Unique tournament.

Scorpius rex is that high because it is really great for dealing with fierce creatures, plus its swap in move is really good as well. spees increase, dodge, distraction and increased crit


True but especially in this meta (until 2.9) dealing with fierce is very rare and not a unique skill considering most resilient can deal with them and if you do see a fierce they usually have a way around it with cleansing, attack buff or like resistance.

Im glad we finally have something very usefull to hopefully slow down the swap in meta. If you swap in hydraboa just like you do with Titanaboa Hydraboa will be a very deadly creature.

Good Lord High Elite is full now.


It’s how it’s is when we have tyrants just ruling everything now lol.

Also compsocaulus definitely needs a nerf or more group moves to counter it cause dear lord, tyrant……tyrant! A two creature hybrid is in tyrant, it’s 1.14 all over again :joy:


And Tyrant is now more than half resilients.


That too just so disappointing…wait…why do I hear boss music?

2.9 has appeared


How much longer do yous think it will take util we get 2.9


Hmmm, looks at tomorrow, soon….