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2.8 Tier List

I’m not lol blind more like there isn’t anything to see, I fought 1 one spinocon, two rinexs, and only one epic in almost a month, just cause you see one legendary exist for some reason doesn’t mean arena is diverse.

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Also that sloth is garbage especially if it’s that slow in shores and I guarantee it will be dropped as soon as a rest happens. Also @giardinoni if it is so diverse then why do almost all the top 100 have basically the exact same Dinos. And I don’t pull this out of no where @Elephant_of_Surprise literally looked at the numbers (granted it’s about a month old) and showed just how stale things are. And this was before Scorpius, compy and skoona truly became wildly available so most likely not they take up slots on team making it basically all of tyrant (top 8) be the creature everyone uses.
Are Thor, Dio and Draco dead? A look at the Top 100 teams

You can’t looks at all that, looks at the top 100 teams and everyday battles and say there is diversity cause there definitely is not especially in library on ward. Aviary and below there is some mix and even lower it’s definitely high diversity wise. However as soon as you hit Library most people have already cemented their team for the most part to just the tyrants.

It could be worst diversity wise… Just wait for a boost reset/shuffle, so anybody who made bad choices, no matter the arena, can join the rest of the gang :rofl:

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Oh trust me they will and looking at next month championship and this weeks darting many people are gonna start switch or gonna starting saving up for the switch.

Maybe your idea of diversity doesn’t match it’s official definition, idk. That’s for you to review what diverse means. When I take a look at the leaderboard and start gossiping what teams other people use, then start scrolling down and down…I struggle to find teams that are identical. Most people will aim for the most optimal team, but there are so many viable options that it’s really difficult to find many teams that are clones from each other.

In addition to that, there are more than 500 people over 6000 score (maybe more than a thousand? idk cause they don’t all show up in game). So, why do you consider diversity measured by the top 100 exclusively? But if that’s your measuring tool, it’s hard to find many identical team within that top 100. Unlike historically was. Idk how long have you been playing this game, but in my 3 years experience this is one of the most diverse arenas ever. I definitely recall times when all teams in the arena (not just the top 1000 or 5000) were clones of each other.

If your idea of diversity is playing with commons, rares or epics in shores…well, you may use some still. But no, they are not very viable :man_shrugging:

There is literally hundreds of identical team wdym? Like literally 6/8 team slot are identical for basically all library and up. With some 1 max 3 different options and even then those usually get replaced fast or just are kept rn cause they can’t afford to chnage to more meta creatures.

This now literally reach 1.14 stale not there yet but close, I guarantee you if we were able to have a boost reset rn everyone would instantly just use all the tyrants or start working on them. Thors, dioraj, maxima, trykos, and now even mortems are going extinct cause of compy and Scorpius. Then you got the monsters of magnus and lux just wrecking everything in there path. And now skoona has joined the party and while it’s perfectly fine when base, boosted it become a very hard to deal with problem. Then you got rhino which is basically magnus but more better suited for finisher and helping with lux and magnus’ greatest foes such as enteloania, dioraj, mammolania, and grypo. These (compyC, Scorpius, lux, magnus, skoona, rhino) are basically what now everyone uses and what’s left is basically “diversity”.

Also have you been in lower arenas at all? It’s basically just as stale as up top. And the old part of super boosted Thors, weirdly boosted Indos and such are basically almost all gone and replaced with apexs and tyrant uniques. Sure some like magna, tryko, maxima and Dioraj are used here that doesn’t mean it’s good, there more placeholders or results of a bygone era.

Congratulations, you pointed out the most obvious thing any player should know. But to put it in words you can understand, diversity should mean that out of 29 uniques and now 7 apexes we shouldn’t be limited to using 6 uniques and 3 apexes cause the either are either trash, not worth the largest investment for being meh, or countered so hard by the meta it’s not even funny. ALL of them (uniques, super hybrid legendaries and apexes) should be some what viable.

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Also congrats, and guess what I’ve been playing since soft launch so I’ve seen basically every meta and this is basically one of the worst and most restrictive to date. There have been worse but this is pretty up there.

Guy tries to argue there is diversity by showing a single odd ball dino and also his clearly visible 100% meta team. Didn’t draw your Hadros or your Magnus that game?

I’ve spent time in shores and no, there is no diversity. Sure you will occasionally run into an unexpected dino but it’s extremely rare and the pool is narrowing by the day, anyone saying otherwise is being obtuse or disingenuous.