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2.9 and 3.0 update suggestions!

So 2.8 has just came out and some far i enjoyed it. Ofc it takes a while to see new apexes in the game but new hybrids are quite good. I did write down a few suggestions on 2.9 and 3.0 update.
New Creatures: (all epics)
Carcharodontosaurus (event creature)
Ceratosaurus (catchable in wild)
Giganotosaurus (event or catchable)

Ankylodocus(Legendary or Epic)
Indoraptor Gen 3(Like black and purple in JWE) (Unique)
Indominus Rex Gen 3 (fully black with other colors in him like red or blue or dark purple)(Unique)
Malusaurus (unique) (Ceratosaurus + Indominus rex) (THIS PERSONALLY I WOULD LOVE TO SEE ADDED IN A GAME)

4th Apex of the 2nd apex wave:
AlphaRaptor (im sure you guys can think much better name out :sweat_smile: but i think not just me was waiting for some insanelly lookin apex raptor since 1st wave of apexes came out)


All i want from 3.0 since its kind of a new step in game and new page of 3.1 3.2 3.3 etc. updates… is Aquatic update. Im sure a lot of ppl wanted this and me inclooded. There was a lot of ideas of how to make this all work here is my suggestion. Make a world swap. Like there would be an option under player level with 2 arrows in circule and when you press on that button you can swap either to aquatic world or regular one we have right now. Can put some player level limit maybe unlockt when reached lvl 10 for example.

For aquatic update my top 5 creatures would be:

That will be all for now hope to see some ideas comming true couse some sure did like Acro and Alberto that i wanted to see as well in a game so thank you Ludia hope this ideas are good enough to be brought in JW Alive ^^

Pic of malusaurus just in case if some one was wondering who i meant ^^’


I’d honestly take a Class system update before an Aquatic Update.

That being said, these ideas are very nice. Especially Malusaurus. I’ll go make a concept.


Would be both bery nice. Mostly wanted update 3.0…

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Yeah would love Malu to be added in a game in this style. It actually is earlly arts of indominus from movie but when I saw this I was like hell that looks nice. Plus kind of a Ceratosaurus color type totally loved it.

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Here are some Non- hybrids. Gigantosaurus (common) Moa (rare) Mosasaurus Gen 2 (rare) Theziorsaurus (epic) Toro (Legendary) Hybrids are Titanamoth. Tsinamoth And Titanaboa(unique) Anklylodon. Bumpy+Megalodon(legendary). Carnoios. Toro+Scorpios Rex. Apex is Brachio 67. Aquatics are Dickinsonia(common),Marrela (rare),Sea Scorpion (rare), Mosasaurus (epic), Megalodon (epic) and Giant Orthocone (legendary)

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Spinoraptor is already in the gmae, but called Spinotahraptor

Hybrid for meeeee


I liked the Dimododo idea… flock of 4?



Only thing i really want for 2.9 is some serious rebalancing. Kind of sick of seeing the same dinos in every team.
Especially some nerfs to dinos that are so broken that you are forced to use them.

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Oh yeah but i meant more like jw evolution model or jw the game ^^

Well i agree at some point but what i learned in this game for playing since 2018 no matter how much nerfs you get there will be all ways a next dino to kick opponents butt.For example if you nerf some dino and then nerf all the others then that one that was nerft first will need and nerf and thats like infinite loop

Styracosaurus and Ceratosaurus


Rebalancing is something I’m praying for as well. We desperately need some of that, especially when it comes to stuff like the Resilient Move Suite, Swap-Ins and a couple of creatures (Cough Magnus).

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And thats understandible but if make magnus weak for example or mortem or any other apex i think that would kill a main thing of apex in a game from one side. Like for example indoraptor i remember a time when he was like unstoppible then nerf 1 came… nerf 2… resistence set… and now i berlly see any indos in pvps. I mean some ppl do use them yes but mostlly its couse they have him the most highest level. I think if apexes will start to get nerft like in my personal view… what would be a point of getting them if they would be easlly killed by legendarys or uniques… it woudnt feel like apex any more you know what i mean ^^’ all though i agree some things must be nerft but i dont think apexes should be couse they are like main big power of the game. You need a year and some mounths to get them lvl 30 so they should be strong. Just telling my view on things ^^’

1 problem: how is indoraptor g3 being a unique going to work if indominus g3 is also a unique. Also we would need trex g3.
Also how would the alpharaptor work if we already have an apex a day with the additions of haast maxima and hydraboa?

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You could use something like Gorgo or Albert as a substitute.


Well there are quite some Rex type dinos in the game. Plus indo gen 2 could work or original indo for indoraptor gen3. And about Indominus gen 3 There are quite some velo type in game and Rex as i mentioned earllyer so that could work. And about Apex it could be added any day. I dont honestlly think that they will just stop making new apex after this. Plus its only 1 apex per day they can add up to like 3 more for each Friday Sunday and Saturday soo…

Refrenantem, Warbat and Rodan all took those spots.

As i mentioned they can add more its only 1 apex per day at weekend they can add more at any time ^^