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2.9 in need of hybrid

Dear ludia, as you work on update 2.9, consider this list of creatures that need hybrids


Also I forgot to add alberto

rephrase the title to “should have a hybrid” half of these creatures came out either today or last update, they don’t need a hybrid. but creatures that have been in the game for a while like dimo, alloraptor, and eremo do NEED hybrids.


You also forgot Scorpius Rex g1

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It’s already a super hybrid, it’s not able to get a hybrid


Can we have a day before these threads where made. I understand but come on!

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Yeah they can be pretty odd at times

But Scutosaurus has already one.
I hope alanky and dimo will get soon hybris

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And plz also add Rexy and the aquanits like the Mosasaurus, the Megalodon. That will be great as update dinosaurs.

They’re not official though, so they couldn’t add them… It’s just a fan creation.

Why don’t u enjoy the current update rather than complaining about what dino they need to give hybrids to? Its their game and their choice

But if it was possible it would be nice… :frowning:

If it’s not canon it’s not happening. Not to mention that Ripper is dead and unable to actually have hatchlings in the first place.

Would be nice if it was possible right?

Ehhh… I’m not too sure if that would be a good thing.

Ohhhh that’s right

I will just stop with give a idea. At least i hope they can bring rexy and the aquanits…

Just deleted the little raptors idea…

You realize that you don’t need to delete them, right? I just disagree with them being put in the game.

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It wasn’t just needed to keep it there…