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2 Active Players Looking for Active Alliance

Hi there!

My boyfriend and I are both looking to join an active alliance. We both play daily, always donate, love to raid, and do our part in tournaments. We’re both currently in a rather… lackluster… alliance and we’d like to join one that has more engagement and participation.

I’m SchmoopsMcGee and I’m level 20 with a 4585 trophy count.
The boyfriend is Donderchief and he’s level 13 with a 3813 trophy count. He brings the laughs in the chat! We’re on the West Coast in the US if that matters.

We don’t currently have Discord but are willing to get it!

Please consider us for your alliance!


AncientDNA is always open to new players!


I have an alliance with a few open spots

We: get tier 9/8 (around there) on the alliance rewards

Have a lvl 20 shared santuary

Hit tier 8 on the championships,

Do daily raids of all raritys

We’re a friendly international alliance, again we do daily raids and have multiple strats posted for them on the discord

Our rules are:
Respect other members
No swearing
Get the 10 takedowns in the tournements each weekend
And unless you’re told to do so keep things out of the lvl 20 santuary (theres a vote for it on the discord)

And discord is required (mainly for raid cordination), the link will be in the alliance chat after joining

The name of the alliance is Legends Reborn

If you have any questions i’m avalible on discord: Fićo (edited) #2072

We have some openings in JWA Global

Laid back casual alliance but we still hit;

Between 8-10 on alliance missions, tier 8 championships (tier 9 for 5 weekly championships)

We’re very active raiders and complete all rarity’s

Only 2 rules, be friendly and do your 10 takedowns

Discord is preferred especially for raid coordination but not mandatory

Any questions drop me a message :+1:t3:

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