2 active players looking for alliance members or new alliance

My wife and I started an alliance (OkieDinoHunters) months ago. No growth since then. I am level 13 (~4000 trophies) and she is level 11 (~1500 trophies). We’d love to either add some active new players to our alliance or if the right opportunity is out there we’d both be glad to join another alliance.

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Hello and welcome to the forums @WVMountaineer01! You seem to be a great fit for my alliance. Please PM me if interested.

Actually all just PM you myself.

You should join my alliance “Rome and Buffy” everyone is active and we have around 35 players that are above 2k trophies so we do well in the monthly tournaments! We always hit level 7 on the weekly incubators, and occasionally hit level 9! We just removed some inactive people so we have open slots!

is it possible for me to join? im level 14 with 3131 trophies.

You’re definitely welcome in Rome and Buffy if you’re interested! We need more people that are eligible for tournaments as thats the one area we are lacking in!

ok. Mortis #7333, can you add me as a friend and then i can send a request to join your alliance?

i tried searching for your alliance and nothing popped up.

Your always welcome to my alliance :smiley:

PM me for more details.

Hi my alliance has 2 new spaces also

Are you guys still looking to join an alliance ?

They do :wink:

My alliance has 49 members ( one is about to get kicked due to inactivity), 40 of them are above 4000 trophies and overt lvl. 15, we usually get weekly 7/8 sometimes 9. In the tournaments we get lvl 6 on track this week to lvl 7 and place usually at 600 working towards top 500. I need really active players that are willing to put in the time and work, if you’re interested and this goes to anyone, feel free to PM me! I look forward to hearing from you guys!