2 active players looking for an active Alliance

Hi, I did not play this game for a few months but I started to play again with my little brother and we are currently looking for an active alliance.
I am currently sitting on about 2400 trophies and looking forward to fuse some legendary dinos.
I can also manage 10 takedowns in tournaments and I am active every day.
My little brother currently have about 900 trophies but he grows fast and I try to give him some tips and he is getting better every day, he will soon defeat campaign lvl 45 so he will be able to do 10 takedowns in tournament as well.
We are looking for alliance that can reach 5/5 or higher in weekly missions and we dont use discord, but can communicate in an alliance. We want to keep having fun during the game.

Hi. if you are interested, our alliance is called MyVeryWaitJurassicfes! we get to rank 7 / 8-9 weekly! if you want to join, we are looking for active members. leader weapons 84 # 1337

Sorry! Leader arme#1337

we can also welcome the little brother!

You should have in game friend reguest from me :slight_smile:

if you give me the names and the game codes I will let you in!

Mine is : Vulpes11 #1637
Brothers : Luky #0555