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2 Big Issues

I want to start by saying this isn’t a complaint, just some things i discovered that i believe needs to be addressed as soon as possible but may have already been posted about. (1 for sure has been talked about so it will be brief.)

  1. You’re new match making system is broken. I do not enjoy only winning 10-18 trophies on every match a manage to win then losing 43-50 trophies on every maych i lose. Especially when im being paired with people qho have higher level dinos and higher trophy counts. This needs to be fixed, i love the idea behind your new matchmaking system but it isn’t working the way it should.
  2. I have just found out that the “Trophy Counts” in the Alliance tab isn’t properly tracking trophies for everyone. I took note of trophy counts 5 days ago for my alliance and gave warnings out to some members who havent moved in trophy numbers. One of those members messaged me back saying he had gone up almost 900 trophies since i took the original screenshots. He then sent me a screenshot confirming this. The trophies are the only solid way alliance leaders have to track progress because you have STILL not added anything helpful to alliances for better management. Now that this isn’t working properly i have no way of doing what i am suppose to as a leader. (Screenshots provided in replies).

I am glad you guys did what you did with the boost situation, regardless of how everyone else feels, but can you PLEASE fix these issues to make the game run smoother.

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What I see.

What his actual trophy count is.

Forgive this question as it may sound a bit silly (and a bug is a bug anyway), but what difference does their trophy count and whether it changes make that you would give warnings?

Because i dont keep free loaders in my alliance. If you aren’t battling or helping you dont belong with us.

So that helps me as a leader, I have been thinking that when people request to join mid week they must have been kicked out of their alliance for a good reason. Now, I have a little different perspective. Thanks!