2 Biggest Issues w/ Suggestions

In my opinion the 2 biggest issues with the game are there is nothing to do and there is no gold.

To address both of these issues:

----Explore mode
All levels should be repeatable at least once (max 3 times) per day. This would give us a chance to grind out some minor gear and small amounts of gold and experience to try to actually progress. As a trade off I would change the current game where you can quit a battle (or die) and retain what exp, gold, and secret room loot you have earned.

The first time competing a level should offer increased (2-5x) rewards (at least the gold). This would give us a ramp to help climb over those massive gold walls.

----- Battle mode
IMO there are 2 options,
a) increase the amount of chests we can hold (I would say 6-8), have them auto-unlock in order, let us set the order (drag and drop, unlock left to right).
b) increase the amount of chests we can hold (to 5-6) and let the timers to unlock all run at once.
Either of these options allows us to get in more than 4 or 5 battles a day and help with the gold issue. Also a lot of people want to be able to delete chests, i don’t think its needed but would probably make people happy.

----Challenge mode
First of all we should get to keep all the rewards we roll.
I think increasing the amount of free challenge attempts is needed in some way
a) 1 free attempt at all unlocked challenges every 5 hours
b) 3 free attempts on the (however you currently chose the challenge) challenge every 5 hours
c) a chose to take the entry fee gold back instead of the rolled reward(s). Perhaps a limit to 5 per day?

Isn’t this a game about questing? how about adding more than 1 per day? The current ones could be epic quests if you wanted to keep those with the points for the big reward but what about daily (side) quests? Something like use x hero y times, win x battles, roll y challenge dice, find a secret room. You could also add mini version of the big challenges like have x hero do yyyy damage. I see this as being the major source of gold since chests offer so little. It would also require us to play more and use heroes we maybe wouldn’t (nudging us to level/gear them). Perhaps a couple of gems for completing all the days quests.

----Gold issue
The only alternative (to the above) I see to fix the gold issue is to increase all gold drops by 10x, at least at my current level that seems like it would work, however that doesn’t address the other issues. Also at as alternative (to the above) you could let us use our explore/challenge lineup for battle mode, this would stop requiring us to keep all heroes up to level. However I assume you every much want that and suggest the above changes as I believe we prefer them as well.

I believe that making these changes would let people play for more than the 30-45 minutes a day it takes to open all the free chests, battle chests, free challenges, and win 3-5 battles. Oh and every few days try the explore level you are currently stuck on. Also you would have a great retort to all those whining about the random teams in battle mode and getting stuck with under leveled/geared heroes. Go grind.


I fully agree with you! I can’t get enough experience to get my characters past level 4 and the gold is not enough to level up my gear or characters! It’s so frustrating to have a character that is ready to level up to 5 and not have enough gold, what a slap in the face!

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I’m in agreement as well!!

I am in congruence with OP and the #same folks here. Sure this game can be played without money atleast there’s no damn energy cost per try that you have to wait 2 hours to recoup. But if you want to get anywhere the way it is currently set up you’re gonna have to buy a literal ass load of gems. Pay to play no matter how you slice it. With no real point to grinding and the jump in gold costs to level vs the amount earned and even the increase in monster level early on im level 4 and 5 fighting, 5,6,7,8 pretty quickly and being destroyed. boss in 1st challenge mode goes from level 1 to 8? Really?! I’ve taken to rambling here but OP def makes valid points