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2 bot battles in a row in shores


If a match times out they should just give you the AI battle.


This is the worry when the direction of the game is what it currently is.

While I understand that the top players want constant change and someone to battle it’s obvious that eventually the lower players will tire of battling teams way stronger than their own. So unless there are more arenas added this will be the case and it won’t get any better unless more players can escape from Library and Gyro.

As things stand there is absolutely no incentive to do anything other than drop and pick up easy incubators, and looking at a typical mid Library team compared to a low shores team there is next to nothing to choose between them. Just a few more boosts on the latest meta Dino for the shores team. So when they try and match you up it’s a meagre pot to choose from and you either get a bot or someone from a couple of arenas lower.


Been expecting this to happen since they made shores a free for all. Instant matching wasn’t the answer.


Would love to face more bots in the shores. With this at least the chances of 5 min testa vs. testa and other annoying things like SR3 would be lower :slight_smile:


That’s why the 5900s are the best. Matchmaking is fairer (as you’re not being matched to anyone in the entire area, like you are in shores) and the opponent pool is smaller, so you get a lot more AI.

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Exactly, you just have to ensure to end the season above 6000 and be reset at 5950. Then camp in the 5900s all month!


Ludia…… please :woman_facepalming:t3::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: