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2 bug I just notice and maybe 3

First I started using tommus rare axe in PvP and if I get disarmed I can no longer taunt.

Saarvin the legendary bow if you get the proc on a target that is alone on his row it does nothing if there another enemy on the same row then you get crazy damage

Saarvin basic helm mine is upgraded up to 13 and I’m pretty sure when I use it if the first target die you don’t get all the random extra attack. There also a few time that even when no target die it seams that the ability doesn’t shoot the extra 3 attack maybe only 1 or 2

Hey Krom, thank you for the report!

I can confirm common helm lv13 for ranger is missing a proc often

Thank to confirm I wasn’t crazy haha

The legendary bow only does multiple row attacks on lvl 4 if I’m not mistaken, till then it’s only multiple targets on the same row

Sorry if I’m not clear English isn’t my first language when it proc it deal damage to your target and then again on the whole row your target is.

If your target is alone on his row the proc does nothing