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2 bugs


And 2 more bugs.

  1. Postimitrodon vs Tragodist, same level, same speed, I selected my attack first opponent waited for 10 seconds, but still got the first attack.

  2. Stegoceratops has no stunning ability anymore. The last approx 30 times I played this dino and used all of it’s attacks it resulted in 1 stun. The odds of winning the lotery are greater, or getting hit by a meteor. So the odds of 25% and 75% same a bit over done


Same for item 1. Both arrows came up so fastest to select move goes first. I was the quicker one and had to sit out the countdown, literally to 0 but the opponent attacked first nonetheless.


I’ve been stunned several times by Stegoceratops recently, it’s not a bug, it’s the entire definition of RNG.


Then i’m going to buy a lot of lotery tickets right away :stuck_out_tongue:


Regarding those equal speed moments, were the dinos you fought of a higher rarity?


Posti is an epic while trago is a legendary. At same level, highest rarity always starts first. In this case trago is always the first one to attack.
Not a bug it’s exactly how it works


Let me guess a 1.4 update? Because earlier i didn’t have that issue


If that’s the case, the topic can be closed and i’m heading out to the casino :slight_smile:


At the moment my stegaceratops is failing to stun a lot but I’ve come up against numerous that don’t, quite a few even stunning on the 10% chance.
Rng in this game seems to get very streaky, which is frustrating.