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2 creature strats!

So with rare bosses it’s said that you can do it with just 2 creatures. Well what are those strats and are there any other bosses you can take down with just a pair?!

(Here’s a example)


I solo the turtle every week, it’s actually extremely easy once you have the move order

The Baja sauropod you could honestly do with just two Purrolyths.

Possibly with even one Purrolyth, though I have yet to uncover a successful strat with it (though I’ve nearly succeeded so far).

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Hell, just did Carno with only a Dimetrodon and Purrolyth!

The key is timing, to make sure the Carno only targets the Dimetrodon in Round 1, and then targets only the Purrolyth in Round 2


Solo strats.

Note: baja one can fail if baja gets a crit



It’s possible with one.

it’s faster to do sino with indom and edmontoguanodon or indom and tsintao

I know. But I was just showing you could do it with just 2 people. For those who don’t have the most friends.