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2 Dilos, a Toura, and a Maxima walk into a raid

Has anyone tried a Dilo/Dilo/Toura/Maxima on Mortem?

I imagine it’s doable but more time consuming, but if someone has done it, what were the stats involved?

Asking out of curiosity


That would be hard because max wouldn’t be able to OHKO majunga, and we know why that’s important

Ideally, the Maxima has over 2000 attack and crits’ it. But, in the event that it doesn’t, it weakens it enough that one of the Dilos can take it down even with the shield, while Toura heals so that Maxima can still tank the Rampage.

My idea was this:

Turn 1: Toura priority accels, Dilos do Cunning Impact on Mortem, Maxima group decels. Raptor is down, and Mortem does a severely weakened Tail Whip while Majunga shields (if it survived).

Turn 2: Toura heals, Dilos cunning strike to kill Majunga and distract Mortem. Maxima rampages, then Mortem rampages Maxima.

Turn 3. Toura uses the other heal move, one of the Dilos also uses a healing move while the other uses a Strike/Impact, Maxima hits with Resilient Strike, and Mortem cleanse attacks.

Rinse and repeat until the start of round two.

Start of round two, both Dilos heal, Toura priority accels, Maxima group decels, Mortem cleanse hits, Majunga shields and taunts.

Turn 2 of round two, Toura heals, Dilos use Cunning Impact to ensure Majunga goes down and Mortem doesn’t crit or Distract. Maxima rampages, then Mortem rampages.

Turn 3 Both Dilos use Cunning Strike, Toura heals, Maxima Resilient strikes. Mortem impacts.

If at that point one of them goes down, you’ll still be fine, since one of the Dilos can then switch to focusing on healing if the Touramoloch goes down, and still do some decent damage with the Impact moves if Maxima goes down. And if one of the Dilos goes down, you still have the other to use heal moves when Mortem cleanses and the Cunning Strike/Impact when it doesn’t to keep Mortem Distracted and Crit at 0.

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It’s taking too long in my opinion.

Most of dilorach that I’ve seen don’t have a damage over 2,000 and Tuora can’t provide more than 1x damage so you need to depend on Maxima to deal the hit.

If the tower fall. The team will likely fall after him. even you plan everything ahead and do the proper job but more turn more risk from human error. (Except you can communicate while doing raid)

I would use 1 dilo, 1 tuora, I tenrex, and 1 maxima or tryko. It allows for a mega damage healer, two normal healers, and one anti tank tank

I’ve tried this combo and it works surprisingly well.

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I think it depends on when Maxima goes down. Like, if Mortem’s got maybe around 30,000 health at most by the time Maxima is down, I think it could still be pulled off.

The key is definitely have the Dilos and Maxima at 2,000 attack bare minimum though.