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2 event schedules

Are the cute things only available in the incubators or can we dart them? I see the commons for the 1st pic.

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In game news… pfft… last week it said it was the Fourth of July!

I’d guess social media is correct this time


i think they used the banner from last time. cause max was in the cute thing last time right? i don’t remember them giving us the option to vote for it recently. So i would assume the one with pyritator is correct.


Anyone see the sornasaurus Incubator?


On Friday maybe…

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Thats what Im saying. It is Sornasaurus. Its going to be ours!

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pretty sure its sono. also… be on the look out Thursday. They typically sell an inc with the themed dino for the master strike on friday.

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The scent is an amphibian one.

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Huh, Maxima in a rare incubator

Well the only cutie things I see on the other schedule are incubators.

there was a survey for the cute creatures 16 days ago. pretty sure it’s the one with pyritator now. like 90% positive.

“Awww, marsupial lions are so cute!” Said no one ever

how on earth is sarcosuchus cute? how is a t-rex sized crocodile that eats dinosaurs cute?

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How on earth does anyone expect players to vote on creatures based on how they look and not on what they want/need?


very true (10)

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i think it’s kinda cute.
this coming from someone who things spinocon is also cute.


Baby sarcos would be cute. Also always looks like he’s smiling


I voted for the Sarcosuchus and the Marsupial Lion, not because they are cute but because their DNA is scarce for me, and I needed it for their hybrids which I use in my PvP gear.

It’s a cat ok I like cats

They fixed it and why do you have a full birthday cake