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2-for-1 Farideh Legendary packs not VIP-exclusive

Ludia should be acknowledged for not paywalling the 2-for-1 Legendary pack offer. This is the first time that these packs have been offered to non-VIP players since the last update, which changed all challenge dice rolls to d20s.

This is hands down the best use of your gems. So get it while it’s available.

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Only legendary of faridah I would use is the weapon. The rest I prefer either epic, rate or even the common reflect damage shield (accessory).

The 2-1 legendary can be good. (For Tommus for example is great). For others, not so much. Cleric I bought the epics instead of legendary, and won’t bother with faridah either.

I like the epic helm for a second AOE for easier moment of glory dungeons.

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I got it as soon as I noticed it’s not VIP only. Got the boots and the dice, not the best but still an upgrade. got me down to less than 500 gems.

Back to taking gems at a very high priority in challenge runs again, I guess…