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2 for 1 offer

@ned can you check if the dev plan to bring back 2 for 1 offer for common and rare pack? We only get epic and legendary nowadays.

If anyone else agree just confirm it hehe

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Hey Krom, I can definitely pass your feedback to our team. :slight_smile:

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@Krom thank you mate, I’ve noticed it as well!

I have assumed the rarity provision of 2-for-1 offers is based on renown. As beginners usually have limited gems I suspected lower renown players were far more frequently offered common, rare and epic 2-for-1 deals, while higher renown players were limited to Epic, Legendary and Silverscam items. While I may be incorrect, I believe there is some logic in this assumption.

A while back we had 2 for 1 pack for specific class on a given day you had the common rare epic legendary at same time

They replaced it for epic and legendary as we now know them for 4 set hero.

They also don’t offer Joppa pack yet during those weekend.

I agree that allowing 2 for 1 common or legendary, even for higher renown players, would be good. It is hard to get enough of character specific items to level them up to max and this would help. I would definitely get lots of both packs if offered.