2 Free 6 Hour Incubators For Watching An Ad

This is a great idea.

You get the 2 extra sanctuary interactions. As well as cash and whatever else. All you have to do is watch the ad. Easy enough.

The only downfall to this is that you have the annoying notification at the bottom of your screen in place of the timer for your incubator. Please remove this notification. It does not need to be there all day long. If it’s for the 5 free darts for watching another ad, then it should be removed as well. As it’s too early for an April fools joke.

Thanks ludia for the extra incubator for the short ad view. Please remove the notification that stays all day long preventing you from knowing your time remaining on your incubator.


I don’t have this.


I didn’t even know you could do that

I don’t have this either :man_shrugging:t2:

do you have VIP? i do and dont have this option

No I’m free to play. It just popped up this morning for me.

Yesterday I had the alert for watching an ad and getting 1 cash. As well as watching an ad and getting 5 free darts. When I woke up and checked my incubators I had this option. I ignored it the first time not reading it. The next time I watched the ad and opened 2 of them.

I’m on an iPhone.


Just opened another and I did not have the option. Maybe it is once a day. :man_shrugging:

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For some reason I do not have the option

My main does not have the option but my alt does. Maybe it’s for non-VIP only. In any case, the notification that never goes away is annoying and should be removed. (I am not watching an ad for five darts just to get rid of the notification. Five darts is an absolute joke.)


I had this yesterday too, except when I tried the game crashed after I’d watched the ad and it didnt give me a second incubator.

6 hours later…and then another 6 hours later again, I didnt get the option to get a free second one again either. Further again this morning the day after it hasn’t reappeared. I guess it’s a one time only thing.

I’ve also got the irritating watch for 5 darts too :confused: Also can’t forget the incredible :roll_eyes: “watch video for a single cash” stuck in my inbox.

I envy those who aren’t stuck with this lol


I’m not and never been a VIP and can’t see it.

@Eugene @Ned @Marcus @John

Any information regarding this watch the bad and get a second free incubator, watch the add for 1 cash, watch the ad for 5 free darts, and most importantly will the notifications for them ever go away? Thanks!

my alt has it but my main never has it for some reason, my alt is not connected to Gplay.

Does your main have VIP?

I’ve never seen this nor the watch a video for hard cash

I just had it again. 6 cash and 4 interactions total between the 2. Some darts that don’t stack, 2 giga scents I don’t use, and some dilo dna I can’t collect lol


Click on collect free incubator… It will ask you to watch as for 2 incubators

No it doesn’t

I have claimed the free incubator several times today but I never got this.

It must be a lottery rollout.

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It’s one per day