2 free incubators at once

So one of the main problems I had with this game was the amount of interactions for sanctuaries but thanks to the ability to get 2 incubators for just an ad is great. I can double the amount of interactions I get and can therefore get more DNA of creature throughout the day.


It would be nice if they increased the limit to 12 items in the inventory for the interactions. I don’t understand why it is 8 only for interactions but 12 and 12 for food and toys. After all, you can only collect 6 of each per day for food and toys, while you can collect 8 interactions per day (now 10 with the 2 6h incubator for watching an ad).


I think that adding the option to watch ads for incubators, darts ect. is a really good idea. That way if someone is desperate for dna they get double. Also the bucks is a great one too if you want to stock up on them. Its not easy to get them and save up.

Apparently it was only for one day. The double incubator with ads ended.

I had it last night. I had it for a week or 2 then it went away and now it is back. Same with the cash and dart options.

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I had it once yesterday and once today, but not the 2nd time today. I don’t know when this resets or something. What’s the logic behind getting this option?

If you are getting it, it seems to be random for a week or 2. You may get it every other time or every couple. Then one day it’s gone. Then mine came back after a few weeks. Now I have the annoying notifications all the time again.

Ok it’s gone now. Was only available for about a day after the update

I get it once a day.

Same except if I claim it late in the day, then the following day I don’t have it.

Must have a ±20h cooldown then or something. No idea.

I guess, no idea when is the cutoff though.