2 good news... and now what?

1.- I’m going to see this show with my sons in Barcelona.

2.- I’m F2P ( only bought 2 level offers to support the developers) and I’ve reached 4000 in 3 month with this team. I was stuck at 3800 and then I fused Indoraptor (only 2 10s :muscle:t2:).

But now which creature do you think I need?

image image image


I think you need to level your Stegodeus, fast! Level 25 is about average in Jurassic Ruins, but have been pitted against levels 28-30…

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Omg… I think that in 1.5 will change the superiority strike and with suchotator make them bleed. :muscle:t2:

But yes with these levels my team can fall down again easy…

Just wait man, don’t listen to the advice leveling up stegodeus. If we weren’t getting an update anytime that will likely change things in a major way I’d agree with him but as is just save everything till next week. It’s killing me too, half my strike team I can level up and I have about 150,000 coins to do so but I think the meta will change so it’ll likely be smartest to wait.

Upgrade suchotator for spinotasuchus straight upgrade better moves and stats

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If your gonna do bleed as a strategy maybe both of them so you always get at least 1 bleed option

Welcome to my city !!!

I give you some tips:

The sea front is quite full of “green areas”, not so the main street of Barcelona, Las Ramblas (for us the most beautiful street in the world :slight_smile:

The final area of the Ramblas, near the monument to Colon is zone 1, good place to find Euplocephalus that are always necessary.

The best place I remember to try to find epic is on Paseo de Gracia near the fabulous work of Gaudi “La Casa Batllo”. It is also zone 1 and of the few places where I have managed to find Sinoceratops. The area near the “Sagrada Familia” is also a good place to look for dinosaurs.

Enjoy Barcelona!


I don’t know why they hidde my answer. Im trying to tell Xescot that my name is Xavi and Im from Terrassa! :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ahh and thx for all the Barna tips. Some weekends we go there with the family. :smiley:


Well, it’s good that you know that it was very rare to see epics in Barcelona. At the most one every two or three hours of walking. Instead, this week many more are seen! In an hour I just got a Raja, a Kentro and an Anky in the raval area :slight_smile:

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Here in Terrassa, I normally see 1 epic per day. Im not a hardcore player… job and sons… but with this team and level 13: image

I think its not bad. The other players have level 14,15,16…

I would replace raja with velo if I were you. You need a high speed, and velo is over average level in your team. Also, try to leave everything there if you cannot put it in your team.