2 hour walk , 20+ green stops = 3 megalos


Just as I thought it would be ,no megalos around what so ever.
Going to bet it’s going to be the same with the epic no raj about, just silly flying ones for 3rd week in a row.
Loved this game but now getting fed up with it.
Tournament is a joke just making strong players stronger.
I’ve just seen on metahub that there is a ghostbusters world coming out at some point might have to change games…


Annoyingly last night I could see at least megalos 4 from the house but didn’t collect them - seen 1 today over roughly 20 drops as well.


I have only seen 2 megas, majority of the green drops for me are majungas🤨


Lol, and then you will be on their forum complaining there’s no stay puffed marshmallow men spawning around you. It’s RNG. There’s times on the common or rare days that I limit out in the first day. You’re like a bass fisherman complaining that all you’re getting is small mouths or baby pike and you can’t seem to find a large mouth. Or a deer hunter that wants the buck walked out to him on a rope because reasons

As for the strong get stronger…
A: they should… is it fair for me to complain that people who go to the gym every day and put in the time to focus on their muscles are “the strong getting stronger”. If they are investing the time and I’m not, I don’t really deserve the payoffs they are getting. I shouldn’t get a community funded biceps transplant because it’s not fair that McMuscles is bigger than me.

B: the minority of players that actually got rewards… did not get a huge power increase. Maybe pay outs for #1,2,3 were high enough to give them a secure spot for the next few tournaments. But the rest of us at best got 2600 bucks… that’s 125K coins… I can’t upgrade more than one creature with that, and in many cases I can’t upgrade any. So it’s hardly an increase in power when it will get me 1 level on 1/8 of my lineup… that may not even be picked in my combat round

At the end of the day if you really don’t enjoy playing there’s not much I can do and I wish you the best in whatever makes you happy. But you really should look at the other side of the coin, and not jump straight to “the game is out to get me”. It’s very tin foil hatty to assume they cranked the spawn rate down for the dino you wanted bc it’s the “best” of the showcase.


6am bloody surprised me. Instead of a metric ton of commons, it was rares everywhere! And off in the distance, a lone Conker.

I am NOT making it a habit to continually get out of bed at this ungodly hour, to dart rares and epics! Dammit, Ludia! Fix the timing on this! No one should have to dart while they’re still half-asleep, EVER! :rage:


I traveled for miles and miles around DC on a roundabout way home from work. I probably passed 50 event towers. Only saw ONE meglo that was at RFK stadium. Most were carnos, and a bunch of those birds. Then, when I get home, 3 meglos were waiting for me all within a block of my house! Not a bad way to end my day. Even though my day ended well, there has to be some kind of nerf. Busted RNG aside, I think it would have been better if Ludia dropped the bird that no one wants anyways, so even though we had fewer attempts, at least we’d have better odds of catching what we all really wanted.

(Ironically, the park near to where I live no longer has any event towers. The one that was left in my local park is now a strike tower. The other 3 it had are now just supply drops)


tournament sure give strong players win it, if not? let weakest player win the bonus? haha, you know what the tournament means? And you talking about the Ghostbusters , got difference? same is catch and fighting game and level up ghosts to fight and it is new game. Sure it is pay to win rule, higher level ghost control the rank(if got). When it new, you sure is funny, but after that? you also blame why many players got high level ghosts and crushing you, worst paid to win game, and other same as you all blame before in this game.


Yeah I that was weird. I had the same observation.


3 sounds reasonable. There are five different dinos, so 20 stops means u gonna see 4 for each dino…


Why I’m not surprised… I think that is intentional as they want people to buy incubators to get rare and epic DNA.


Ah, the classic ‘it’s RNG lol’ as if that completely excuses how infuriating it is. Maybe it shouldnt be in the game (you know, that thing we play to ESCAPE from reality?) if all it does is create aggravation? These multi-dinosaur events are a demonstrably bad idea in practice; having 5 dinos divided between all event drops, especially when theres only 1 actually desirable one among them, means hardly any that you want are actually going to spawn. This is on top of event drops that dont even HAVE a dinosaur spawn on them AND event drps being turned into strike events. I spent 4 hours yesterday hiking between 4 different parks and taking a train to find 9 megalos, after finding none on wednesday. They should honestly max out event dinos at 3 at a time; either there’s be one you want and actually have a chance at finding or all 3 will be desirable nd you’ll have to choose or get less of all 3.


RNG or random number generator mimicks the random chance encounters of our daily lives. Like when I was walking my dog and I found a 10$ bill. Sadly I can’t pencil this occurrence in for every Tuesday. I never claimed it isn’t upsetting… but if we go back to one dino a day, we get right back to “this is upsetting because today’s event dino is garbage so I’m just not going to do them”. This current system gives you the option to run more attempts for one you want but is in its design for still getting 5 of each. When the epic days roll around, I for one prefer this method bc I do not want to collect 3 concavenators. I want the option to hunt the one I want for 9 attempts.

As for strike events disabling event spawns. We can find common ground here. Strike events should be a sub section of the battle screen and not a physical location that causes plenty of problems with spawn functions in practice


Am I crazy for thinking it’s worth saying screw it and just collect a bunch of Carno… You know he’s going to get a hybrid eventually due to public outcry.


I have gotten them actually, mainly because I just wanted to fill out my limit. I don’t need all megs, my coin cost on her hybrid is so high that I have tons of DNA now.


Good point. Might as well catch some carno.


I tried to get those megalos last night, finished biking 20 miles on a duration of 5 hours, and I only made up to 13/30 attempts. Don’t remember irritator being this hard to max attempts. Encountered 7 wild megalos through that journey, but that’s just a little insane. Why do I try too hard :joy:

You can literally trace my path while I was on a hunt. Living in the surburban neighborhoods, there are A LOT of drops… but hardly any megalos :man_shrugging:t3:


Wow , fair play to you tho that’s some dedication.


it’s on purpose because megalosaurus is useful. there are at least 50% fewer supply drops this week and most are the pterosaur, carnotaurus or majungasuchus. the pterosaurs are all garbage so they basically gave them away the last 2 weeks.


I managed to get all 30 Megalosaurus but that was only because I drove so much to the point that I still have back pain today from sitting long hours in the car. :joy: Agree that I predominantly only see the other 4, Megalosaurus itself seems to be the most scarce.


that’s some dedication. i don’t think megalosuchus is good enough to spend that kind of time. i’m just getting the few i can on daily walks.