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2 hybrids that must have existed

Kaprodus of @mohamed_johnson.



Are you @Tommy_Paoli? Just asking.

uh … no I am @Blacksaber.

Nice redesign! But my kaprodus were actually a Aquatic (Semi-)Kaprosuchus, but looks really nice

And really cute!

You’re welcome.

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Where is @Tommy_Paoli? What about @Rey ?

I checked and found out that Tommy_Paoli is suspended until March 16.


I dunno

10 ?

Poor. I wanna someone to speak italian with.

What about @Jurassic_Fury

Jurassic fury is japanese he doesnt know Italian…

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Wasn’t Jurassic Fury from India?
Aether, where are you from ?

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I too was suspended yesterday March 11 …

If you tap somebody’s name or profile picture you can see if they are suspended and for some reason jurassic fury is also suspended until 13 March.

and me !!! I was suspended yesterday, March 11, everyone forgot about me ??? but no I’m kidding …:sob:

Of course I didn’t forget about you. At least it’s only for a few days. But I wonder why all of a sudden people are getting suspended…

thank you, I was for saying that saurophaganax was cool …that’s why I was suspended …

it’s illogical …